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Virginia Bass Fishing with Scott Schumann

Last year we did a great interview with fisherman Ty Adams. Today, we have an interview with one of Ty’s previous tournament partners, Scott Schumann. Scott is a Virginia bass fishing angler who fishes competitively on the BASS Nation Tournament Trail. He has also started his own cool YouTube channel focused particularly on Virginia bass fishing. So I was excited when Scott agreed to do the interview. He provides some great Virginia bass fishing information about his favorite waters as well as his love of spinnerbait fishing. Enjoy the interview.

When did you start competitive fishing?

I used to fish tournaments way back in the the late 80’s while I was in high school. I wish they had teams back then like they do now. I grew up in South Florida, and my Dad was big into bass fishing tournaments with local clubs down there.

I fell out of bass fishing for many years…pretty much all of the 90’s and early 2000’s.  You know, the Military, College, Partying, Girls…LOL!

I relocated to the Atlanta area in 2006, on a whim I bought a new bass boat, new tackle, and rekindled with my long lost love for fishing. I fished many evening tournaments on Lake Allatoona, Lake Weiss, and Lake Lanier. I never really joined a bass club.

Once I moved up here and started Virginia bass fishing, I started fishing even more. My Dad had fallen ill, and he always told me how much he enjoyed the camaraderie of a bass club. So I joined the Weekend Basser’s club in 2015, and upgraded to the BASS Nation of Virginia Region One Battlefield Bass Anglers in 2016. He has since passed recently, and in his honor I have really started getting into it and really enjoy it. This is also where I met Ty Adams.

What was the best tournament you have ever fished?

Obviously my best tournament was the Lake Anna tournament in June 2016.  We, me and my partner George Polachak, won Big Fish and third Place. The very next tournament, Ty was my substitute partner, and I won Big Fish for the second straight tournament. Both tournaments keyed into my strengths…power fishing!  I love to fish moving baits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, crankbaits, etc!

I really enjoy fishing tournaments as a team! It’s so different than fishing alone. You and your partner can fish two entirely different methods and makes it so much easier to figure out the fish.

You caught the Lake Anna monster pictured above this past year. How big was it? What is the fish story behind it?

The Lake Anna monster was 7.3 Lbs.  Not really much of a story… we had just blasted off from Sturgeon Creek Marina at 6:30. We were on our way to our first spot, and decided to hit the rip rap along the 208 bridge real quick. She bit on my 4th or 5th cast! What a way to start a tournament! We ended up getting 3rd place and big fish! That fish also won big fish of the year.

What are your favorite fisheries?

Wow!! Well growing up in Florida, Lake Okeechobee will always rank up there for me. Lots of memories there with my Dad!

I love fishing all the canals in South Florida as well. You never know what you might hook into…Peacock Bass, Snook, Tarpon, and of course huge Florida Strain Largemouth.

Lake Allatoona in Georgia taught me a bunch about fishing deep structure. I had no clue when I first got there. The deepest water I ever fished in Florida was 15 feet!

Here in Virginia, I love the Potomac because it reminds me of Florida fishing with all the grass and Lilly Pads…Lots of fish caught on spinnerbaits and chatterbaits.

One of my new favorites is Smith Lake on the Quantico Marine Base! That lake has huge fish in it, and it receives so little fishing pressure. I’ve caught many fish over 5 pounds over this past year alone.

And of course Lake Anna…well you know why!

As you said, you love spinnerbait fishing is one of  your favorite techniques. What do you love about fishing spinnerbaits for Virginia bass fishing?

I fell in love with spinnerbaits as a kid watching my Dad use them. My dad had won a bunch of money using them, so I just fell in love with them as well. You can imagine as a kid how cool it was to catch a fish on a piece of wire and a shiny blade.

I think of a spinnerbait as an all purpose bait. You can burn it shallow, hop/jig it, slow roll it deep, it’s pretty weedless…I can go on and on!

I would say I have caught over half of all the fish I have ever caught in my life on one. That is also my weakness…sometimes I am stubborn, and won’t put it down when I should!

I just posted a video in which I caught a 5 plus pounder in 42 degree water on a spinnerbait!

The battle was great, we had a mix up with the net but it was all good. A lot of raw emotion in that video!

One of your videos has you fishing Curtis Lake. Looks like a tough day. What can you tell us about Virginia bass fishing on this little lake?

Curtis Lake is special in its own way…it’s a tough little lake that receives a ton of pressure! The complete opposite of Smith Lake. It is really close to my house, so it’s great when I just have an hour or two to fish. Me and my fishing buddies consider Curtis a proving ground…we go there to practice new techniques and baits. The lake is also tough on your boat. It is loaded with standing timber right below the surface. You need to use caution there.

Funny story about Curtis, last spring I spent 8 hours in which I was catching nothing but dinks and this guy catches an 8 pounder right off the bank literally right in front of me…it was crazy!

You have fished with Ty Adams. What is he like as a fishing partner for the day?

Ty is a great guy,  he is really new to bass fishing, and is so eager to learn and try everything.

He was my partner for one tournament last year on the Rappahannok, and I was amazed at how often he switched baits when something wasn’t working. This is one of my weaknesses that I need to get better at. He is helping me with that. Funny though, we only had one fish in the boat late in the tournament day, and I decided to try this real shallow creek at the last minute. I caught 2 clutch fish back to back on guess what? A spinnerbait! He now calls me the Spinnerbait King! Check out his video from that tournament…you will see those 2 fish catches.

What are the three things that you feel are your top strengths as a fisherman?

Well obviously any moving bait. Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Swim Jigs. I’ve also gotten pretty good with Square Bills and Deep Diving Crankbaits.

Fishing Grass…Florida fishing is all about the grass…I have learned to read grass lines and pick out points in the grass that should hold fish.

Organization…I am meticulous with my tackle and gear.

What will you be working on as an angler in 2017?

My number 1 goal is to be a better decision maker on the water!! I sometimes…well most times become stubborn, and try to force the fish to bite something that isn’t working. I need to get better at deciding to call it quits and try something new.

Secondly I need to learn to slow down! Very hard for a power fisherman like me.

Finally, 2 things…I want to learn how to catch fish in open water using electronics better, and become a better dock skipper.

What can we expect from Scotthollywood Outdoors in 2017?

This is a new venture that Ty recommended for me.  I have learned a lot from him, and look forward to where it might take me. I’m just going to put out as much quality content as I can.

I am so looking forward to following Scott’s Virginia bass fishing success in 2017. You can also follow him on his social media sites.

Scott’s Virginia Bass Fishing Social Media