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Vibe Kayak Fishing West Virginia with Nathan Finney

Vibe Kayak Fishing in West Virginia with Nathan Finney

In this West Virginia Bass Angler Profile, we talk to Mr. Nathan Finney. Nathan is a proud member of the Vibe kayak team and avid bass fisherman. Nathan shares with us all about his West Virginia bass fishing.

When did you first start fishing from a Vibe kayak?

I first started fishing from a Vibe in the beginning of 2017. My first model was the sea ghost 130. I loved the kayak and its speed and stability but I fish mostly small skinny rivers and smaller lakes so at the beginning of 2018 I went to the Sea Ghost 110. It’s 2 feet shorter and is a lot more maneuverable in the smaller rivers.

I personally am going to be in the market for a kayak in the next year or two. Why should a Vibe kayak make the short list for bass fishing?

Vibe kayaks offers a variety of different boats with different price points but all under $1,000. The quality that vibe puts into their boats is comparable to companies that charge well over vibes prices. On top of that they come with a high back seat, a paddle and the sea ghost models come standard with a rudder system. They’re fast and stable kayaks, I have no problem standing in mine and fishing all day. The customer service and customer interaction from everyone at vibe is amazing as well. It’s just an all around good experience owning a Vibe.

What accessories have you added to your Vibe to complete it as a fishing platform?

Probably my most utilized accessory is my shallow water anchor. I’ve taken the Vibe 3 piece anchor pole and fixed it on a pulley system that can raise and lower by pulling a rope. I like fishing moving water and it holds me solid in the current as long as I need it too.  I also installed a hinge kit on the lid of the center console lid that a fellow Vibe owner makes. It makes accessing the storage there a lot easier. 

Nathan Finney Kayak Bass Fishing for Smallmouth
Kayak Smallmouth Bass Fishing

I see a lot of smallmouth on your Instagram. What do you love about chasing and catching specifically smallmouth bass?

Smallmouth are my favorite to chase without a doubt. The aggressiveness and the fight they give is amazing. Also the locations that you go to to catch them. You see some of the best scenery on smaller rivers you can’t see in a bass boat. 

What are your favorite West Virginia waters for catching smallmouth bass? 

West Virginia has many great rivers for smallmouth. The New River, Greenbrier River and Elk River are all within a short drive from where I live in Charleston. You don’t have to do very much searching to find pictures of big smallmouth from all of these rivers. 

What are your favorite methods for catching smallies? 

My favorite way to catch smallmouth is on topwater. This year I’ve been having good luck with a buzzbait by a local company. When they aren’t on top I like using small swim baits and plastics.

The keys for those baits that work for me are using a longer rod. Even being able to stand most of kayak fishing is done sitting down. The longer rod makes it easier to get a longer cast while you’re sitting and also helps fighting the fish if you need to get it around the nose of your kayak. 

Do you fish West Virginia for largemouth bass?

West Virginia also has some great largemouth fisheries. Around where I live there are quite a few restricted horsepower lakes, which makes it great for kayak fishing. The lakes have a ton of standing timber and grass making them great for largemouth.

Nathan Finney Largemouth Bass Fishing in West Virginia
Catching Largemouth from Nathan’s Vibe Kayak

What are your favorite methods for catching largemouth bass?

My favorite way to catch largemouth are soft plastics and frog fishing. The topwater blow up in Lilly pads and grass is like nothing else. Like with smallmouth keys to success are a long rod to get it out there while sitting in your kayak.

Who are your other current sponsors and pro staff companies?

Other than Vibe the other companies I’m with are Bobs Up the Creek Outfitters, in Amherst and Lexington Virginia. It’s a small family owned kayak shop. You will not meet a better group of people! They genuinely care about their customers and not just making a profit.

I’m also with KLM worms. It’s a small soft plastic bait company in Logan County, West Virginia. The owner has a ton of passion about the sport and helping keep the waters clean for future generations to enjoy this great sport.

Thank you Nathan! Will be following on Instagram @fishin_finney.