Massachusetts Bass Anglers

Time for Some GetbentTV

I get such a kick out of the guys from GetbentTV. They not only do a great job covering fishing but are also a lot of fun to watch. Coming out of Massachusetts, these guys not only fish some of the State’s top waters but also take some fishing trips to new places as well. I spent some time getting to know John and Tony and their perspectives on creating the GetbentTV fishing show. I also get into some of the places they fish and the techniques that they use. So read the interview and then check out these guys on YouTube.

Let’s start with the basics. Who are you and where did your idea to produce videos come from?

John is a recent graduate of the Connecticut school of broadcasting who enjoys fishing and Tony is a multi species angler who fishes year round. We came together as two friends who originally wanted to go out and get some cool footage in order to share our passion for the outdoors while having a blast doing it.

Just recently watched your Walmart trout challenge video. First of all, I have to ask what was that move by Tom when leaving through the automatic doors at Wal-Mart? Haha. Second, where did the idea for this video come from? I found the whole thing so entertaining.

Tony is a big movie guy…so who knows what was going through his head at that moment but clearly was happy to get out on the water and begin the challenge which he was convinced he was gonna win. We had seen some other challenges online but really just kinda worked with what we had…. first we thought the Walmart we were meeting at was 24 hours but was not and had to wait an hour to just get in…hahah…when we finally got in there with our $20 budget there wasn’t much to choose from for trout fishing lures outside of power bait and spinners so that’s how we ended up with the Blue fox spinners, and with what money we had left decided to buy a super cool grand prize ninja turtle rather than food which tony is also a big fan of.

Your videos always have a great sense of fun and excitement. Is that by design or does it just happen organically when shooting?

John is a trivia master so it never gets boring with random questions or facts. And Tony isn’t always sure whats going on since the birth of his daughter…aka lack of sleep. So when we get together its generally a giant mess, which results in some classic moments that we can only laugh at but we always seem to get lucky and get some fish on camera.

Your work also comes across as very high quality. What is your background and experience that you do such quality video production?

John went to school for video production and is the editing jedi much like yoda when he lifts the spaceship out of the swamp. Tony however is color blind and has recently taken up painting with water colors in hopes that one day he can be a director.

You guys fish the Swift River for trout. What are your keys to being successful, beside stocking up on Walmart spinners, on this body of water?

The Swift river is very unique in that its water is perfectly clear so we mainly look for hiding places that the trout can feed from, most often they will sit under fallen trees or like bass find them extremely shallow holding to some kind of structure.

Another body of water you guys seem to enjoy especially in the early season is the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts. What do you love about this fishery?

The Quabbin is the Crown jewel for Central MA boat fishing, this reservoir holds the state record lake trout and is a smallmouth fisherman’s dream. There are no houses, jet skies or foreign noise so its the closest thing to fishing 100 years ago and the ability to watch bald eagles feed has to be a top 10 moment that you can’t get anywhere else in MA.

What are 5 keys for anyone targeting early season lake trout here?

Early season lakers can generally be found in the first 30 feet of the water column chasing bait fish, a ton of factors need to be weighted when choosing what day of the week will yield the most success. Weather and wind are the top two for us. We generally look for an overcast day where the sun goes in and out with a light wind. Wind can be your worst enemy, too much and your drifting or trolling too fast to stay on the fish. With the right weather conditions anyone can come out and get into them either jigging, trolling or using live shiners which is what most guys will use when they come out.

You just did a really cool 2016 highlight reel. What was your favorite day of shooting this year?

We took a trip out to Western NY and fished for The Erie steelhead that run into the Cattaraugus Creek. We center pinned for these fish in the Zoar Valley which has an absolutely mind blowing landscape on top of the already challenge of landing these majestic fish, its something that only our video can show.

What is in store for 2017?

2017 Will be extremely busy for us in that we have a ton of content we plan to deliver across all our platforms including our first year as a TV show. Follow us and stay tuned!!!!!

I just gave you a sampling of their videos. There are more just like these. So check out the John and Tony at or any of their social media sites.