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Time for Some CashBass

I had a chance to interview Ben, one of the co-founders of CashBass. This is an upcoming fishing company out of Massachusetts. Find about Ben and the brand by reading the interview here.

So, let’s start with CashBass. What is it and who is involved?

CashBass started with 3 co-founders including me, who grew up fishing together. Day and night, it was our childhood.  Growing up in a town called Ashburnham, MA – the local nickname for our town was the “Cash”. I wish I knew why, but it certainly isn’t a rich town. For years, even after we had left the town of Ashburnham to pursue our college careers, we always went back to the Cash to meet up and fish.

About a year and a half ago, two of our co-founders including me being product designers, we started brainstorming ideas to get into the fishing industry. Eventually we started designing a product that currently doesn’t exist in the fishing industry, but has enormous potential for anglers. This product company is currently in the making, and while we are establishing our ground in the industry we decided to brand the name CashBass and use it to create a family of anglers, which we will be able to spread the word once our new company rises!

What are the future goals for Cash Bass?

To continue the answer from # 1 –  we have huge goals, that stretch beyond the name CashBass!! Currently I cannot release much info on the new sister company, but CashBass will remain as a fishing collective which we can share and spread our experiences and knowledge throughout the fishing community!

img_20160812_145855What are your favorite freshwater places to fish in Massachusetts?

My favorite places to fish are the private ones, the hidden ones, and the small holes that people look past. I’m the adventure fisherman that would prefer to see no one and fish water that hasn’t seen a cast since the last time I did it!  These places I like to keep secret. However, I have been spending some time these last few year chasing fish through the Charles River right in Boston.

The Charles is still a mystery to me. Fifty pound carp, 200 pound Atlantic Sturgeon, a state record Pickerel, huge dark water Bass, hybrid freshwater Striper… This place holds some serious mysteries that almost no one chases!

What are you favorite freshwater places to fish if we expand to the rest of New England?

If we expand to the rest of New England, I enjoy chasing the trout up the Millers, and also down from the White Mountains.  Theres also a few private lakes up in Maine that I get a chance to visit once or twice a year, which hold some awesome smallmouth and largemouth.

You are using some cool looking swimbaits for bass. What times and conditions are you throwing the swimbait?

We like to throw JDC custom swimbaits, which are hand made with some of the most detailed painting you can get your hands on. He is a local lure maker in MA. The best times we find to throw swimbaits are in cold water with about 10-15 mph of wind. These conditions make it hard to use most of the baits that New Englander’s frequent, but swimbaits usually prevail!   Work them as slow as possible, and it might take hours but the bite will happen!

I have to ask. Someone took a major hook in the hand. How did that happen? What did you do to get it out?

So this was a little out of the ordinary, I’ve seen many hooks go through people. This particular hook was a titanium hook, which was nearly impossible to cut through. Our partner was unhooking a nice largemouth without enough slack, and as soon as the hook came out of the fish – the tension pulled it right through his hand, between the thumb and pointer finger. The barb was completely in and the hook point was facing inwards, which is a tricky one. We ended up pulling the hook backwards as far as we could, turning it 90 degrees, and forcefully pushing it through so it popped out the other side of his hand.

Once that happened we grabbed the pliers to cut the hook in half, and nothing. Not even a scratch on the titanium hook. We couldn’t even get it to bend. This took us to shore where our first heavy duty attempt was with a miter saw. That also didn’t leave a scratch on the titanium. The next try was last resort, 3 foot bolt cutters. It is amazing how much force it took to cut through a few millimeters of titanium, but the bolt cutters worked!

img_20161011_084524While I am primarily a freshwater blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask about your stripers. Where are you catching these huge striped bass?

Almost all of the huge stripers we catch are from shore. We chase them! Certain times of the year these striper run up and down the coast in certain areas, and if you’re in the right spot and the right time – you hook up.  A few days this year the CashBass fishing team hooked up with double digit quantities of 40 plus inch striper. These are days that go down in the books – more keepers than a legal limit, but we are sport fisherman who catch and release! Our locations range from Rhode Island to New Hampshire throughout the shorelines! No specific place, we go where the fish are!

What are your favorite techniques for chasing big striped bass?

This is one of those things that still boggles my mind, striper hit the weirdest and simplest looking baits. On a normal day you would see us hucking bucktails and shiny spoons, sometimes top water poppers that you rip across even in 5 foot waves. The striper love quick movement with excessive jerking. They hit baits that look like separated school fish in distress! But we have no tricks or special techniques when it comes to bait, it’s all about how you wiggle your worm!

Since I couldn’t get Ben to give up any company secrets about 2017, we will have to just follow these guys on Instagram. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s next for these guys….I am sure it is going to be great!