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Angler Profile: Tim White

Angler Profile: Tim White

There are people that you can just tell, without even meeting them, that they would be fun to fish with. I thought that instantly after checking out The Bald Bearded Basser, also known as Tim White. After this interview, I know I would not only have a blast fishing with this West Virginia bass angler but would also learn a thing or two about catching big largemouth. Tim provides lots of great West Virginia bass fishing information as well as some of his favorite products. Plus, Tim has one of the craziest big bass stories ever!

Tim, you are from Daniels, West Virginia which is in the southern part of the Mountain State. What are some of your favorite West Virginia bass fishing waters?

My favorite water to fish here in Southern West Virginia is Plum Orchard Lake. It’s a small lake, but only 30 minutes from my house. It is also a fishing only lake. It’s a beautiful body of water completely filled with lily pads and nice largemouth. It is frog fishing heaven! Bluestone Lake and the New River round out my top 3. You never know what you’re going to reel in on these two fisheries.

You appear to love fishing for largemouth bass. What are the details of your personal best largemouth caught while West Virginia bass fishing?

My personal best largemouth from West Virginia actually came from a small public lake in Webster County West Virginia. The lake is called Big Ditch Lake. I was walking along the bank throwing a Midnight Walker SPRO Bronzeye Popper Frog. Flipped that frog in a little patch of grass by the boat ramp, and she inhaled it. I didn’t measure the fish, but I did weigh it with my scales and it was 6 lbs 2 oz. it was the first time I ever tried that lake and it was a pleasant surprise.

How about your all time personal best largemouth?

My all time PB largemouth came out of Lake Sinclair, Georgia. I was down there with some buddies and we rented a pontoon. It was real hot, like 99 degrees. We had been swimming in 8′ of water for a couple hours. Several of us climbed back in the boat, and one friend stayed out floating on a tube. I decided to mess with him and threw a Strike King Red Eye Shad at him. I threw it over his shoulder and when I reeled up to him, I jerked pretending I was going to snare him. That lure dropped to the bottom while I was reeling up my slack. And when I picked it up, it was heavy. Realized it was a fish. Got it to the boat, put it on the scale and BAM! PB 9 lb 6 oz largemouth. Snapped a pic, and sent her on her way.

While you are quite successful West Virginia bass fishing, you have videos and pics of some fishing trips in Alabama and Virginia’s Smith Mountain Lake. What are your two favorite lakes to bass fish outside of West Virginia and why?

Lewis Smith Lake in Alabama is my absolute favorite. It is beautiful down there. And the fishing is unbelievable. We go and catch 3-4 lb spots all day long. There is not much boat traffic. This spring I had my best day ever on this lake. I caught 5 fish for a total of 32 lbs 6 oz. The locals in the area are all super friendly and a treat to talk to. They treat you like they’ve known you for years.

Lake Hartwell in Georgia and South Carolina would be my second choice. This place is loaded with big fat fish. There is plenty to do in the area while not fishing. I love eating, and there is some good restaurants around this area. But the fishing is fantastic.

Now, what are two lakes that you have never been that are on your bass fishing bucket list and why?

Lake Guntersville is #1. We drive right across it every year on our way to Alabama. It looks unbelievable. I am a big time jigger, and I don’t think you could get any better than this lake.

My #2 would be out in the California Delta. I get goose bumps just looking at the pics of the magnum sized spotted bass those guys catch out there.

Give us the lowdown on your Nitro rig. What are the boat’s best features? Would you buy a Nitro again?

I bought a smaller boat due to the way I have to get it in my garage. I have a steep hill with a 90 degree turn. And if I had another foot on my boat, it wouldn’t make the turn. I bought a Nitro Z6 and am very pleased with it. It’ll run in the mid 50’s. And the best feature on it is the front deck. It has a huge front deck. Super wide. I believe it’s like a 94″ beam. It gives me plenty of room for all my rod and reels and can really move around up front. Yes I would definitely buy another Nitro. Hopefully I can get a bigger rig after this year as we are going to try to relocate to the south.

Your YouTube channel is getting started with some great fishing footage. What got you started doing video of your West Virginia bass fishing?

I was just always interested in fishing shows and videos. The zoomed in, slow motion shots are amazing. I fish a lot of topwater, and love being able to watch a fish eat the baits off the surface. It’s also a great learning tool. I played college baseball, and you could learn a lot from bad at bats watching video of them. So I figured it could apply to fishing too. Say you’re missing a lot of fish on a jig lately, you change back and watch ones you hook vs ones you miss to see what you’re doing differently.

Your Twitter description says you love “good tunes”. Best bands or songs for a fishing road trip?

Oh lord. I could go on and on about this. I always have music blasting on the boat. Regardless if it’s a tourney or fishing for fun. Ozzy Osbourne is the best music for any occasion. He has been my favorite forever. I’ve seen him in concert over 20 times. He gets me fired up. I listen to a lot of different stuff though. Except rap and newer country. Can’t handle that stuff. But classic country and rock is where it’s at. Give me some Waylon, Pantera, & Hank Jr, and we’re in good shape!

What should we know about your sponsors that you represent?

I absolutely love all my sponsors. Most of my sponsors are smaller, upstart type companies. Or at least they were when I got in staff with them. I love these type of companies due to the personal relationship you form with the owner and team members.

It’s a lot more personal when dealing with these type of companies. I have met almost every owner of each team I’m on staff with. And all have been great guys. Talk to them on a regular basis. I’m currently on staff with the following companies:

Line Cutterz- It’s a great little tool for cutting fishing line. Works wonders!

Big Bear Rods – Hands down the best rod I’ve used. Made in US. Great sensitivity, killer backbone and tip, and that grip!!

Ardent Outdoors – Great spinning and casting reels. The Apex Grand has taken over as my new favorite reel. It has replaced almost every reel I own now. But all the reels are top notch!

Liquid Mayhem – Best attractant on the market. Stays on your bait longer. When the bite gets tough, this helps tremendously. Fish will hold on longer!

Jersey Devil Baits – Absolutely the greatest soft plastics I’ve fished. Very durable. Jim can make any color you want. He nailed some custom worms for me that just slay the fish.

Death Shimmer Baits – Most unique spinnerbait in the industry. One of a kind wire bend for added vibration. The Chief Craw is an unreal trailer as well.

Trevacy Outdoors – Trevacy has all your outdoor needs. Hunting, fishing, camping you name it.

Thank you Tim for the interview and if there is guy from PA waiting some day at the boat dock of Plum Orchard Lake, don’t be surprised and please take him fishing. I would like to join you for some West Virginia bass fishing.  For now, I will be following on Instagram @BaldBeardedBasser.