Ontario Bass Fishing Spots

Talking Algoma Bass Fishing with Kevin King

In this interview, we get some great information on an area of Ontario not always known for its largemouth bass fishing. Kevin King talks about Algoma bass fishing and his keys to catching big bass out of the waters in this area. While I couldn’t get him to give up his secret spots (I will have to try harder in a follow up interview), Kevin did share a lot about his approach to fishing this region of Ontario.

If anyone doesn’t think Ontario has its share of big bass, they need to check out your social media. You know how to catch big fish. What are your keys to catching big Ontario bass?

Some keys for me for catching bigger bass, especially this year has been learning to really slow down sometimes. I’m not a very patient guy and think that hurts me. I find if you’re fishing too fast most of the time you’ll in turn get those more aggressive fish to bite and usually they are a bit smaller quality and also you’ll just pass by those slower bigger fish. Sometimes you’ll run into a big one but I find those bigger fish are more sluggish most of the time and you really have to work an area thoroughly. Make more casts or pitches and slow down even let your bait soak if you have too.

What do you consider your favorite Ontario Largemouth waters?

We don’t have many Largemouth fisheries where I’m from and thus I don’t really want to divulge the lakes that we actually have them in. And there aren’t a lot of bass anglers around here either so it’s really nice to not have a ton of pressure like other places do. And that’s why we have countless good quality fish around here. But I can tell you that most of my fishing is done on Lake Huron around Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas. We have easy access to Lake Huron and Lake Superior which makes us very lucky to be where we are from. There are so many trophy bass fisheries waters from the Sault to Blind River, you come to Algoma region and you’ll catch yourself some giant bass that is for sure.

You are out on your favorite lake and get to midday without a fish on the boat from your typical methods. What do you do next?

When I’m struggling to get bit I definitely have a go too bait to get at least some fish in the boat. And for me thats’ a Texas rigged Yum Dinger with a light tungsten weight and 3/0 hook. If I’m around some weedbeds I’ll throw it everywhere I can, dragging it real slow through the patches. Usually as soon as you feel it dragging through the weeds and you feel it comes free or pop it out, that’s where nearly 100 percent of my bites come from.

How would you grade your 2016 bass season?

I would grade my year probably around a 7. I didn’t fish nearly any tournaments this year which really sucked. But I did manage to get some good fishing in this year and the quality of fish was a little bit better than last year. It also helps that our fishing regulations have changed the bass regulation around here to be able to fish these guys all year round and that is plain awesome. And that is why people should come up here to Algoma country and catch some of the biggest bass they’ll ever see.

We will be into 2017 before we know it. One of your early tweets from 2016 caught my attention where you were out fishing for ice out smallies. What was your strategy for fishing for smallmouth in such cold water conditions?

In Algoma Zone 10 like I said changed the bass fishing regulations a year to two ago so we are now allowed to target these fish year round allowing us to fish all types of conditions. On that ice out trip we were on a small inland lake targeting Smallmouth. Our strategy this time of year is to find those transition areas where Smallies are coming out of the wintering holes and trying to warm up and get some sun and start to feed. You want to find out where the warmest water in the lake is and definitely where some good rock is and go from there. Baits are so key this time of year and what I’ve found is that there is nothing better than a jerkbait. You can cover a ton of water with and fish fast and slow at the same time. Make sure to let that bait pause a little longer this time of year and only twitch it one or two times at the most before pausing again. Other good baits to throw this time of year include lipless crankbaits, shad raps, and dropshots.

Fill in the blank…In 2017 I Kevin King will…

In 2017 I Kevin King will be a father of another beautiful child in April and be trying to fish as much as family life will let me.

kevin-k-02Lastly, tell me about your sponsors and what you love about their products?

I have some great companies that I’m very proud to be a part of. First off I am field staff for Fishbum Outfitters. They are a Canadian Based company and literally have the best fishing clothing on the planet, and I’m not just saying that because they give me a discount. They are family owned and operated and started very small and have grown into a premier clothing company that no one can compete with in terms of their quality, originality and designs. If you want clothing that stands out and is unmatched go over and check it all out at fishbumoutfitters.com.

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I also support Tufline which makes the best braid on the market. YUM baits has an almost endless line of amazing soft plastics and continue to put out new and amazing things and lastly Bayou Bug Jigs who make pure quality jigs at an amazing price. If they don’t have a pattern you want, they will make it. All amazing brands that I am very proud to be a part of. Please do me a favor and go check them out.

Great stuff Kevin and thank you so much for taking the time to share. If you want to follow Kevin and his Algoma success, make sure to follow him on Instagram where he keeps everyone updated on his fishing.