Fly Fishing James River for Smallmouth Bass

On a recent smallmouth bass kayak trip here in Central Pennslvania on the Juniata River, I watched a fly angler gear up at the boat launch with his guide. The high and cold water didn’t seem to setup well for a fly angler. I chuckled to myself as I knewRead More →

Z-Man TRD Fishing on the Shenahdoa River with Priscilla Johnson

It was my pleasure to talk with Priscilla Johnson about one of her favorite techniques with one of her favorite baits, the Ned Rig with a Z-Man TRD. Priscilla discusses her approach when fishing the bait. We also discuss her love of Vibe kayaks.Read More →

Sam Scott with a Big New River Musky

Sam Scott loves kayak fishing. Sam Scott also loves musky fishing. Put those two things together and you will surely find Sam with a big smile and most likely a big musky. Sam discusses his Blue Ridge Musky guide services and his pursuit of Central Virginia musky.Read More →

Virginia Pond Fishing with Ryan Green

Virginia has a lot of great fishing opportunities. But Virginia pond fishing might be one of its most overlooked. Largemouth bass are plentiful and many of these small bodies of water. And Trophies exist if you know what you are doing. I noticed Ryan Green on Twitter doing a great job stalking the banks of his favorite ponds. Ryan took some time to tell us about his favorite Virginia pond fishing techniques.Read More →