Virginia Anglers

Sam Scott with a Big New River Musky

Virginia Kayak Muskie Fishing with Sam Scott

Sam Scott loves kayak fishing. Sam Scott also loves musky fishing. Put those two things together and you will surely find Sam with a big smile and most likely a big musky. Sam discusses his Blue Ridge Musky guide services and his pursuit of Central Virginia musky.

Virginia Pond Fishing with Ryan Green

Virginia Pond Fishing Techniques with Ryan Green

Virginia has a lot of great fishing opportunities. But Virginia pond fishing might be one of its most overlooked. Largemouth bass are plentiful and many of these small bodies of water. And Trophies exist if you know what you are doing. I noticed Ryan Green on Twitter doing a great job stalking the banks of his favorite ponds. Ryan took some time to tell us about his favorite Virginia pond fishing techniques.

scott schumann fishing

Virginia Bass Fishing with Scott Schumann

Last year we did a great interview with fisherman Ty Adams. Today, we have an interview with one of Ty’s previous tournament partners, Scott Schumann. Scott is a Virginia fisherman who fishes competitively on the BASS Nation Tournament Trail. He has also started his own cool YouTube channel. So I was excited when Scott agreed to do the interview. He provides some great information on his favorite waters as well as his love of spinnerbait fishing. Enjoy the interview.

Spottswood Payne with a Smallmouth Bass on the Fly Rod

Learning Virginia Stream and River Fishing with Guide Spotswood Payne

I love this interview. Ok, I love all my interviews and appreciate the time everyone provides. But this one is unique. Ok, all of them are unique. So instead of trying to describe with generalized praise that could be used for all of the anglers that give time to contribute to DockTalk365, let me just be real specific about this one with Spotswood Payne, a Virginia trout, bass and musky professional fishing guide. I tried asking Spotswood about his approach to guiding. When I reviewed his answers, I realized that every answer not only answers about his approach to guiding but also provides important lessons for all of us recreational anglers as well. I also realized and loved that Spotswood goes to a deeper level answering with philosophical and theoretical approaches to fishing rather than solely answering on the practical level of what fly or lure to throw when. While I do like to be told what to throw when, I also love contemplating fishing on a deeper level, which is something Spotswood clearly does. So keep reading and I know you will love this interview as much as I do.