I first noticed that Jenn Cutnam fished Quebec’s Gouin Reservoir. The Gouin is a favorite fishing destination for walleye and northern pike anglers in the Northeast. Then I noticed that she has quite the diversity of fish that she catches. Living now in British Columbia, she also fishes for trout and has some awesome giant sturgeon pics. Most importantly, Jenn is always smiling showing off the love she has for fishing. So appreciate that Jenn took some time to fill us in on her fishing, provide advice on fishing the Gouin Reservoir and let us know about her upcoming dream fishing trip in 2017.Read More →

I have been to the Gouin Reservoir and loved my vacation there. The place is huge but we did well and left knowing the potential of this place to produce great numbers of walleye and pike. In my opinion the Gouin Reservoir is one of the few places in the Northeast that can rival the walleye fishing of Northwestern Ontario for numbers and quality. Chris Aretakis fishes the Gouin a couple times a year and provides us a ton of great information about fishing this legendary body of water in Quebec.Read More →

If I would have had to guess what my first Quebec interview would be about, I would have bet on walleye, maybe northern pike. Probably about some remote waters in Northern Quebec. Well, I certainly was wrong. Instead my first interview is with two bass guys from Montreal. And IRead More →