Have you considered fishing Oneida Lake but don’t have a boat to fish it? If you are a kayak angler like myself, read this interview with Giuseppe Barbieri who fishes for smallmouth and largemouth bass on Oneida on his Nucanoe kayak. He gives us a lot of detail about his success.Read More →

Rob’s Lake Ontario Kayak Bass Fishing Trip Report

New Jersey’s Rob Hoehn aka @njyakattack decided to take a spring bass fishing trip to New York’s Lake Ontario. Unlike others who pull up in their big boats, Rob takes on Lake Ontario in his kayak. And the results? Well read on to find out the bass fishing clinic he put on during his trip.Read More →

Fitfield Outfitters

As the weather warms more and more anglers start thinking about stalking streams and rivers for trout. Here in the Northeast, we are blessed with numerous world class trout waters. One of the best of these waters is the Delaware River. The River’s East and West Branch produce some of the best trout fishing in the world. Fifield Outfitters can take you out for an amazing day of trout fishing on the Delaware. They also fish throughout New York for lots of different species even including night fishing trips for long nose gar. We spent some time getting to know everything Fifield Outfitters offers anglers.Read More →

Fish the Hudson River Sunrise with The Backwater Guide Service

The Look of Happy Clients with The Backwater Guide ServiceThe Backwater Guide Service is a New York based licensed fishing outfitter owned and operated by Charlie Haviland Jr. Charlie is a Hudson River specialist having chased bass on the river for over 30 years. The Backwater Guide Service provides fishingRead More →

I interviewed Dean Wormell, author of the Gin Clear blog. He mentioned during the interview that his son Matt is a guide in the Adirondacks. I figured that the apple wouldn’t fall from the tree and that Matt would be a great interview just like his dad. Indeed, I was correct. Matt took some time to fill us in on his background and his fishing in the Adirondacks. As the title of the interview says, Matt gives us his 5 top things about fishing this region. If you have ever been to the Adirondacks, I am sure you will agree with why he loves fishing there. If you haven’t, his list is definitely going to make you want to go. So keep reading for that list of 5 as well as a lot more about Adirondacks fishing.
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