Pennsylvania Fishing with Bill Ryland

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

When selecting people for interviews, I sometimes just get a sense that this person is going to be a fantastic person to discuss fishing with. I got that feeling when looking at Bill Ryland’s Instagram @billymacmilly. As you will see from his answers and the fishing photos he shared with us, this young man is a very a talented angler …

Fishing with Jon Leavitt

DockTalk365 Virginia

Jon Leavitt is an Instagrammer who recently moved from Virignia to Vermont. Wherever he goes, he takes great photos of the fish he catches. While on his Instagram page, I found an interesting quote from him that complimented snakeheads as an exciting east coast freshwater fish to target. While I know fishing for invasive species is always controversial, Jon makes some very great points about why they can be exciting to fish for. Even if you don’t see the same beauty Jon sees in snakeheads, the interview also has great info on the Jackson CoosaHD kayak and smallmouth bass fishing.