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Get to Know Susquehanna River Fishing Club

Susquehanna River Fishing Club

The Susquehanna River Fishing Club is a great organization bringing anglers together who love fishing this amazing fishery. We discussed the club with Don Goff and learned about why it is something you should definitely check out if you love fishing the Susquehanna.

How long have you been fishing the Susquehanna River?

I have been fishing the river since 2010.

What section of the Susquehanna do you primarily fish?

The lower Susquehanna River in Maryland. What I love best is the large variety of fishable species due to the fact anadromous fish spawn in these areas

As a long time follower of Susquehanna River fishing, you know the river has had its ups and downs. How do you feel the quality of fishing on the river is currently?

I feel the quality of fish had remained unchanged since I started in 2010. I believe it’s one of the top fishieries in the state. The entire fishery is dependent on weather and watershed from Maryland to New York.

How has your 2017 season started? What have been the highlights?

This season has been a fantastic start with large fish caught in 4 out of 6targeted species, including striped bass, largemouth bass, snakeheads and shad

When did you start the Susquehanna River Fishing Club?

SRFC started in 2010 as a journal for a couple guys who lived fishing.

How has the Club evolved over time?

Over time the club became a web based entertainment and social media hub. People from all over the 440 mile stretch tune in and add content of their own to create the information station that it is today. We are currently doing live feed shows in the morning called “Power Hour,” first started in 2016. Even at 5 o’clock in the morning viewers can watch and interact with us on live feed while we land fish. “Power Hour” currently reaches on average 10,000 people a show.

Are there future plans that you are working on for your club?

Our future plans are to carry on our efforts and public events. Being able to entertain and educate people at the same time is a blessing especially when it’s what you love to do. As the club grows each year we continue to gain sponsors in order to provide the events free of charge.

Keep up the great work Don. I look forward to seeing the continued expansion of this great Club. No matter where you fish the Susquehanna, check out the Susquehanna River Fishing Club on Facebook.