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St. Lawrence River Bass Fishing

St. Lawrence River Bass Fishing Huge Smallmouth Bass

September 2016: New St. Lawrence River Bass Fishing Interview: Megabass Vision 110 for St. Lawrence River Smallmouth

The St. Lawrence River bass fishing has a legendary reputation. The River gets attention and accolades from the biggest names in bass fishing. On this page, you will learn what you need to know about St. Lawrence River bass fishing to get you started on your next trip to this outstanding fishery.

This river which stretches close to 750 miles and provides fantastic bass fishing that borders the provinces of Quebec and Ontario and the State of New York. The River has an average width of 2 miles and reaches depths of 200 feet. The River also passes through the world famous Thousand Islands region, which provides a fantastic fishing and vacation getaway.

St. Lawrence River Bass Fishing

The Bass fishery on this river rivals anywhere in North America. Smallmouth bass are often the prime target on the St. Lawrence. These feisty fish get big and strong in this river system. Stories of three and four pound smallmouth aren’t going get a whole lot of fuss up here at the dock as there are so many big fish including five pound plus fish to get your heart racing. Four plus pound averages are typically needed to even compete during a St. Lawrence River bass fishing tournament.

Largemouth bass are also very present. There are numerous areas that host some big largemouth on the St. Lawrence. Big largemouth bass are not in the River at the same numbers as their cousins but they are here with consistent catches of four pound plus fish very possible.

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Other Fish of the St. Lawrence River

Northern pike, walleye, muskie, yellow perch, bullheads and various types of panfish also inhabit the St. Lawrence River. Walleye don’t tend to be heavy with numbers on the river but can grow very big here.

Northern pike fishing gets mixed reviews on the St. Lawrence. This is not your place to find an abundance of 10 pound northern pike. But smaller pike up to 8 pounds can be found with frequency on some areas of the St. Lawrence.

The illusive and mysterious muskie holds a lot of lure anywhere along the banks of the St. Lawrence. There are many stories of big muskie that got way. These waters could easily hold the next world record for a lucky angler.

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St. Lawrence River Bass Fishing Summary

So what are you waiting for? Go give St. Lawrence River bass fishing a try. Remember to read New York fishing regulations first. And very importantly remember to keep an eye on Dock Talk 365 for more St. Lawrence River bass fishing interviews.