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5 Reasons to Fish the Adirondacks: Interview with Wiley’s Flies Guide Matt Wormell

I interviewed Dean Wormell, author of the Gin Clear blog. He mentioned during the interview that his son Matt is a guide in the Adirondacks. I figured that the apple wouldn’t fall from the tree and that Matt would be a great interview just like his dad. Indeed, I was correct. Matt took some time to fill us in on his background and his fishing in the Adirondacks. As the title of the interview says, Matt gives us his 5 top things about fishing this region. If you have ever been to the Adirondacks, I am sure you will agree with why he loves fishing there. If you haven’t, his list is definitely going to make you want to go. So keep reading for that list of 5 as well as a lot more about Adirondacks fishing.

Get to Know Fisherman Brian Dailey from Connecticut

Connecticut is such a great to place to fish out of. Whether fishing in-State waters or exploring the rest of New England, Connecticut is a great fishing base for anglers. Brian Dailey is a Connecticut fisherman who loves chasing down fish with his fly rod. Took some time to get to know Brian and his fishing. We also asked him how he pairs his drink choices with certain days on the water. Here is what we learned…

Review of Jackson Kilroy and Pennsylvania Bass Fishing Talk with Matt Randolph

Matt Randolph’s Instagram page caught my eye as I noticed he was fishing out of a Jackson Kilroy kayak. This is a boat that is on my short list for when I make my first kayak purchase. So, I couldn’t wait to get his review of this kayak. He fills us in on the boat and also offers a unique perspective as someone who fishes both the Jackson Coosa as well as the Kilroy. Of course, Matt and I also discussed his favorite Pennsylvania fishing waters and the species he loves to target, smallmouth and largemouth bass. Read on to learn more about Matt and his fishing.

Fishing Cold Weather on the St. Lawrence River with Jason Hare

I make it no secret that one of my favorite bodies of water is the St. Lawrence River. I have only fished the US side of the River but keep finding more and more anglers who target the amazing Smallmouth Bass fishing from the Ontario side. Jason Hare is one of these Ontario anglers that knows how to catch big bass consistently out of the St. Lawrence. I took some time to review his cold water fall and early winter fishing on the River. We also discuss his 2016 overall year and his goals for fishing in 2017.

Trout and Salmon Fishing with Pennsylvania Angler Blake Elder

Blake Elder is a fly fisherman living in Pennsylvania who fishes the Keystone State as well as spends a lot of time fishing New York State for trout and salmon. We caught up with Blake and discussed his fall 2016 fishing and the great success he had including his personal best trout. We also spend some time discussing a short fishing trip he took to Montana with some advice on trout fishing the Yellowstone area. I almost titled this interview “Trout Fishing with Blake…Don’t Step in the Shit”. Keep reading to find out why.

Vermont Lake Champlain Crappie Fishing with Dylan Smith

Well Lake Champlain and Vermont aren’t the first places I think about when thinking about hot spots for Crappie fishing. The attention from National fishing articles focuses on the amazing largemouth and smallmouth bass fishery of Lake Champlain. But Crappie bass? Then I found the Instagram page of Dylan Smith and saw that this guy catches a lot of crappie and some very big crappie on Vermont waters including Champlain. Dylan was kind enough to take some time to fill all of us in on his approach to Crappie fishing on Lake Champlain as well as the Connecticut River in Vermont.

Talking Fishing with Ontario Angler James Edstrom

I really appreciate James Edstrom for taking some time to do this interview. I was really excited to talk to him about his Ontario float and fly fishing. His Instagram page is a testament to his success. What I wasn’t expecting was his answer to his most proud angler moment. It is such a moving answer and shows the depth of this fine Ontario angler. So read on to discover that answer as well as learn about his fishing pursuits.

Interview with Ontario’s Bapsie

I was searching Instagram one night and saw some big muskie pics from a dude with a very cool beard. A bit more investigation and I found out that Russell Bapst is a consistently successful muskie angler. He also holds his own for other species, like steelhead, that swim his local waters in the Toronto and Kawartha’s regions. He took some time to fill us in on his beard and more importantly his fishing. Here is what he had to say…

Catching Mini Whales with Pap Pap

I had the opportunity to discuss Pennsylvania trout fishing with Joey Lafko. You probably are wondering what the title means. This is a freshwater blog and what are mini whales? Well, you will just have to read on to learn more about Joey and the impact his Pap Pap has had on his life and fishing.