Penn State's Stephen Jesso

I believe College bass fishing is one of the best things to happen to our sport in the last 10 years. Whenever I do an interview with a college angler, I always wish that the clubs would have existed when I was in college. I noticed Stephen Jesso on Instagram and Twitter who not only fishes a lot of Pennsylvania waters I am familiar with, but is also an active member of the Penn State Fishing Club. Stephen was kind enough to talk to us about his involvement with the Penn State fishing club as well as his fishing throughout the State. I promise you’ll enjoy this read with this up and coming Collegiate angler.Read More →

I caught up with Sherry Tomporowski on Twitter. Sherry is an avid angler and when teamed up with her fishing partner, Chris, they make up the fun and talented Team CSFA aka Chris ‘N Sherry’s Fishing Adventures. The Muskoka region of Ontario Canada is their main fishing region, and they take advantage of the rich fishing this area has to offer. I love this interview as you can absolutely tell the passion Sherry has for fishing. Keep reading and you will see what I mean.Read More →

Matt Randolph’s Instagram page caught my eye as I noticed he was fishing out of a Jackson Kilroy kayak. This is a boat that is on my short list for when I make my first kayak purchase. So, I couldn’t wait to get his review of this kayak. He fills us in on the boat and also offers a unique perspective as someone who fishes both the Jackson Coosa as well as the Kilroy. Of course, Matt and I also discussed his favorite Pennsylvania fishing waters and the species he loves to target, smallmouth and largemouth bass. Read on to learn more about Matt and his fishing.Read More →

Blue Marsh Lake Muskie Caught by Zack Orth

I noticed Zack Orth was catching big muskie on a lake not too far from where I live. I immediately knew this was a guy I wanted to learn from. Zack was kind enough to fill us in about Blue Marsh Lake fishing in South Central Pennsylvania and his otherRead More →

I was searching Instagram one night and saw some big muskie pics from a dude with a very cool beard. A bit more investigation and I found out that Russell Bapst is a consistently successful muskie angler. He also holds his own for other species, like steelhead, that swim his local waters in the Toronto and Kawartha’s regions. He took some time to fill us in on his beard and more importantly his fishing. Here is what he had to say…Read More →

If you are following Dock Talk 365, you already read the first part of our interview with Tyler Ickes. This one is just as great. We cover the Juniata River, smallmouth bass fishing and the Lowrance Elite 5. The Juniata River is a great smallmouth fishery but has had itsRead More →

I really respect fisherman who can consistently pull big largemouth out my home State of Pennsylvania. Derek Stitt is a PA bass angler that does well fishing both tournaments and recreationally on some of the Keystone State’s big bass waters. All of us can learn from his experiences, which heRead More →

It might be fitting that I just finished watching Penn State beat Minnesota (Sorry Gopher fans) in overtime right before drafting this interview with PSU fishing team member Nate Lieb. Nate is not only a PSU fisherman, he also makes his own custom baits. I took some time to interviewRead More →