Connecticut is such a great to place to fish out of. Whether fishing in-State waters or exploring the rest of New England, Connecticut is a great fishing base for anglers. Brian Dailey is a Connecticut fisherman who loves chasing down fish with his fly rod. Took some time to get to know Brian and his fishing. We also asked him how he pairs his drink choices with certain days on the water. Here is what we learned…Read More →

Here at we have covered a lot of fishing on the Connecticut River. Bass, northern pike, and crappie have all been discussed. We have yet to cover the carp fishing available on the River. That is until we found Connecticut angler Rafal Cisowski. Rafal was willing to give us a look into some of his carp fishing strategies. His favorite water to use these techniques is the Connecticut River and his Instagram proves that the River holds lots and lots of big carp. Read More →

We interview a lot of bass anglers from Connecticut here at DockTalk365 but I noticed that Kyle Quine does a lot of fishing for two other not as popular Connecticut species, crappie and northern pike. So while we do talk about some of Kyle’s bass fishing, we mostly focus this interview on his crappie and northern pike Connecticut fishing. Kyle caught the monster near record crappie pictured here earlier this year and is focused on beating the State record next year. Also, his northern pike advice for fishing Connecticut is spot on.Read More →

Dave Miller is a tournament angler in Connecticut. Dave fills us in on his fishing including some of his favorite Connecticut waters. But what I really like about this interview is that Dave is a bit of a tackle junky. Dave took some time to give us some reviews of his favorite fishing tackle. Dave also has some really cool sponsors that I was not familiar with and it was great to get know more about their products. Read More →

The more I do this blog, the more I learn how many fantastic anglers reside in Connecticut. Maximillian Mikunda is one of those fisherman. His Instagram shows the evidence of this and we had the chance to discuss his bass fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth bass. We also discuss his sponsor, a company that I had never heard of, Eurotackle. Sounds like this company offers some really cool products. Read on to learn more about Maximillian and Eurotackle.Read More →

While many of us focus on the top names in bass fishing when we think of tournament fishing, there is a whole group of anglers that spend countless hours focused on tournament angling despite having lives filled with a lot of other commitments. Jason Lestage is one of those fisherman who loves and thrives on the competitive aspects of fishing. And as you will learn is always in a tournament mindset when out fishing. Jason is from Connecticut and fills us in on his year of tournament fishing as well as his favorite waters to fish.Read More →

Daniel Petricone is a young angler who fishes Connecticut waters. For a young man, he has already an accomplished fisherman both recreational and tournament fishing. We talk about his best tournament this year, his top Connecticut waters and his favorite Maine lake. Daniel is a great example that the future of fishing is bright. Read on to see what I mean.Read More →