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Sam Rayburn Reservoir May Fishing Snapshot

elton thomae same rayburn reservoir may fishing snapshot

Sam Rayburn Reservoir is a favorite fishing spot for many Texas bass anglers. Elton Thomae is a fisherman that loves fishing Sam Rayburn. I notice that his May fishing on Rayburn in 2017 was really good. So we asked him some questions get geared up for next month’s fishing on Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

How long have you been fishing Sam Rayburn?

I’ve fished Sam Rayburn for 20yrs. I love this body of water because it is so versatile meaning, you can fish with just about anything you like be successful.

What is the Ranger boat that you are fishing out of when on Rayburn?

I run a Ranger Z521 with Mercury Pro XS 250. It is well suited for this large body of water. Comfortable and take rough water well without beating you up too bad.

It appears that you really whacked the bass last May. What pattern are the bass usually in when May hits on Rayburn?

My summer fishing is when I tend to get my bigger bites especially early summer. I have great days fishing top water baits during these earl summer months. Frogs and Yellow Magic popping baits are my go to baits.

On any given day in May, how do you start the day with baits and approach to quickly establish the pattern that day?

I key on areas that have shallow grass but not too shallow. For example, hay grass close to deep water seem to be the best type structure for me. The lake levels change constantly which moves the fish. I always start the day with top water baits like the two I mentioned above. Most days I run those 2 baits the entire day. If they don’t prevail I will then go to a jig or Texas rigged worm red in color.

I saw a frog caught one of the big bass. What are your favorite frogs to throw in May on Rayburn?

The frog I need on my deck is always a Spro popping frog black and yellow always.

A scenario for you. You have a solid 4 fish limit but looking for that big kicker fishing in the final hour of a May tournament. What bait are you throwing?

If I am in a tournament and need a kicker or a fifth fish, a swim jig always comes in handy around the same areas I fish the frogs.

Overall, what advice do you have for anyone fishing Rayburn in May?

Anyone fishing Rayburn in early summer months, needs to be ready for abrupt weather changes. Fish with whatever you like to fish with cause the lake is so versatile. If your strengths are worm fishing, you will find fish doing this, be versatile with your options cause there are plenty of fish to be caught year round.

Also keep and eye on the weather as this body of water can be very dangerous as the weather changes while you are out there,fronts coming in as well as violent thunderstorms, lightning and big waves can happen quick.

And last, be sure to have plenty of fuel and wear your life vests most of all.

Thanks Elton. Will be following on Instagram @etjigchunker to see you whack them against this year!