Rice Lake Bass Fishing Interviews and Information

Rice Lake Bass Fishing

There is a claim running through the Internet that Rice Lake has more fish per acre than any other Ontario lake. Of course if it is on the Internet, it must be true. In all seriousness, I don’t know if that claim is true or not. I can say after much research that you will be hard pressed to find a fishery that is as hot for such a diversity of fish species as Ontario’s Rice Lake. On this page, you will learn what you need to know about Rice Lake bass fishing to get you started on your next trip to this outstanding fishery.

Rice Lake sits in the Southeastern part of Ontario as part of the Trent-Severn Waterway. The Lake falls within the Counties of Northumberland and Peterborough. The towns closest to the lake include Bewdley, on its west end, and Hastings on its east. Public launches are located in both towns. Peterborough is only about 20 minutes away to its north and Coburg about the same distance to its south.

Rice Lake is not too far from Toronto is under 2 hours depending on wonderful Toronto traffic and the Thousand Island Bridge for those coming from Northeastern US is only 2 hours to the east. Yes, that does mean that this lake does get fished. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a place to fish that is to yourself but it also means that you will see others while on the water.

Rice Lake weighs in at nearly 25,000 acres. Rice Lake is a relatively shallow body of water with a maximum depth of 27 feet. The lake is dotted with Islands including Cow Island, Black Island, Grasshopper Island, Harmony Island, Tick Island just to name a few.

Andrew Dayman with a Smallmouth Bass from Rice LakeRice Lake Bass Fishing

The Bass fishery on this lake is arguably one of the best in this region. Largemouth bass love the structure in Rice Lake. Make sure to stock up on your Pitchin’ and Swimming Jigs to target those weeds in the Lake. Also, don’t forget your frogs for some unbelieveable topwater action. If you have never experienced an even average sized bass expode from the weeds on a frog, it is well worth your trip to Rice. And you never know, there are enough 4 to 6 lb bass in this lake to make you think the next one is going to be a trophy.

Smallmouth bass are also very present. You will often have to search some deeper spots especially in the summer but they are there.

Tournaments occur frequently on Rice Lake. So, you may have to share waters with tournament anglers, especially on weekends.

Other Fish of Rice Lake

Rice Lake fishing offers an assortment of other species to chase after. As far as the walleye fishing goes, your average fish is going to be in 1 to 2 pound range. Of course, big fish are very possible. A 5 to 6 pound walleye is a truly impressive catch for this lake. While Rice Lake isn’t necessarily Ontario’s best walleye waters, new conservation efforts have produced a rebound in this specific fishery.

Muskies grow big in this lake and can be caught with some patience and time put in. 50 pound class fish live in Rice Lake.

Panfish on this lake should not be ignored. Crappie, perch, bluegill and sunfish can provide hours of enjoyment. Crappie do pose more of a challenge than the perch and sunfish. A Rice Lake fishing trip should include some time chasing after panfish, especially when fishing with the kids.

Last but not least, Rice Lake offers carp fishing the potential for a great time. The popularity of carp has increased over the year and Rice provides a great fishing spot for carp.

Ice-fishing makes Rice Lake a popular 4 season fishing destination. So check out the information that we have on Rice Lake and keep checking back as we interview more Ontario anglers about Rice Lake fishing.

Rice Lake Bass Fishing Interviews

Our Interview with Rice Lake Ontario’s Alpine Resort – We talk bass fishing and general Rice Lake fishing with the owners of Alpine Resort. This resort is a well reviewed family fishing camp located on the shores of Rice Lake.

Why Andrew D Loves Rice Lake Fishing And So Should You – This interview with Andrew from Ontario gives an overview about Rice Lake. We discuss bass fishing strategies as well as boating on the lake. Andrew loves fishing Rice Lake, and you will see why in this interview.

Places To Stay When Fishing Rice Lake

We don’t list all the places to stay that offer Rice Lake bass fishing. Here is a sampling of a few of the places to stay while bass fishing on Rice Lake.

Alpine Resort – This fishing resort near Roseneath on the northeastern side of the lake caters to the serious angler as well as the family. Alpine Resort has numerous cottages up to 4 bedrooms. They have docking for your boat and rent fishing boat, bass boats, and pontoon boats as well.

Curtis Point Cottages – These cottages are near Alnwick/Haldimand in Ontario. The cottages are located on or near the lake and can accommodate up to 6 people. Curtis Point offers fishing and pontoon boat rentals.

Sandy Shore Cottages – This luxury resort sits centrally on the eastern side of Rice Lake near Harwood. They have up to 3 bedroom chalets. They rent pontoon and bass boats.

Rice Lake Bass Fishing Guides

Joe Ford Fishing and Outdoors

Rice Lake Bass Fishing Summary

So what are you waiting for? Go give Rice Lake bass fishing a try. Remember to read Ontario fishing regulations first. And very importantly remember to keep an eye on Dock Talk 365 for more Rice Lake and Ontario bass fishing interviews.