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Quebec Kayak Fishing with Anthony Bourque

Anthony Bourque Kayak Fishing in Quebec
Anthony Bourque Kayak Fishing in Quebec

I don’t see a lot of Quebec anglers using a kayak as their fishing platform of choice. I found an angler who loves his kayak for fishing Quebec waters, Anthony Bourque @tonybasspop on Instagram. Anthony and I discuss his kayak fishing in the Province.

What got you into Kayak fishing?

Since I was young, I used to fish a lot with my dad and friends, but I was always fishing from shore. My casts were never long enough to reach the best spots. So one day I decided to buy a fishing kayak. I have never regretted my decision! Now I can go almost everywhere I want and fish the spots I was not able to.

I don’t see too many people fishing Quebec from a kayak. What is the popularity level of kayak fishing in Quebec?

Right now in Quebec, kayak fishing is not as popular and well known as in the States. I try to introduce many people to kayak fishing and help them discover the joy of fishing from a kayak. Since I’ve started, I see more kayak anglers on river and lakes. So for sure the numbers of fishermen in kayaks will grow because it’s a cheaper way to fish on the water.

Why have you picked Native as your kayak brand of choice?

I picked up a Native Watercraft kayak for the price, the comfort and the quality. Right now I’m promoting the Slayer Propel 12 LT and just love it! My first kayak was the Ultimate 12, super fast and light.

Compared to others companies, the weight of the kayaks are lower so that’s easier to put them alone on top of my car. Seats are very comfortable. And when I go fish with friend who had kayak from other companies, it’s hard for them to follow me because of the efficiency and the speed of my Native Watercraft kayaks on the water.

Anthony with a Quebec Northern Pike

Anthony Bourque with a Quebec Northern Pike

Since you fish out of both a pedal and non-pedal kayaks, what goes into your decision about which you take out?

I normally prefer to use the pedal drive kayak when I’m fishing on a lake or a big river with a least 16 inches of water everywhere, so I don’t need to take off the system. If I’ll be doing more trolling, I’ll also pick the propel kayak. When I’m fishing flats where there’s a lot of weeds, I’ll go with my Ultimate.

With the Slayer, it’s easier to cast and go forward at the same time when there’s wind or to came across a lake or a river with current. I need to put less effort with my legs using the pedal drive system than paddling.

How late into the fall and early in the spring will you be out on your kayak?

Here in Quebec I normally start my season around the end of April and I fish until tge end of November with my kayak. I always wear my PFD to be safe on the water and use waterproof clothes to stay dry. Good gloves are very important. You also better put more clothes on because you don’t have the same protection as in a boat for wind, and you can’t move a lot to warm yourself.

I am guessing some of your waters are a secret. What not secret waters do you love to fish from your kayak?

I love to fish on the St-Francois River where I live in Sherbrooke. Most parts of the river are non-accessible for boats. So it’s very quiet, and fishing is very good! I’m always looking for new lakes around my area, but I can’t say more about my spots…haha!

A Musky Caught on the Native Slayer Propel

A Musky Caught on the Native Slayer Propel

I notice you love to target musky from your kayak. What are your favorite fall musky strategies from the kayak?

Musky are a bit hard to catch from a kayak but sometimes I do get surprised! In fall I try to fish the weed lines close to shore because the weather can get bad very quickly so I want to make sure that I can easily reach the land if any problem occurs. It’s hard for me to talk more about my strategies because I’m not an expert in that type of fishing, but I love to cast big lures and bucktails.

What advice do you have for other Quebec anglers, or anyone else for that matter, thinking about getting into kayak fishing in the Province?

Choose a kayak wide enough to be stable. You have to be able to stand and be safe. The seat has to be comfortable if you want to fish many hours without having back problems. You’ll also need space to put all your gear. Finally, depending on what type of place you want to fish, think about how you are gonna get to those places and if you’ll have to carry your kayak a lot.

Do you have sponsors or companies that you represent?

I represent Native Watercraft kayaks and Werner Paddles. Both of these companies offers quality products. I like Werner Paddles because they offer very light and strong paddles.

Native offers a light kayak, the Slayer, which I’m promoting right now. The Slayer is the lightest pedal drive kayak on the market. My Ultimate is an hybrid between a kayak and a canoe. I have owned it for 4 years now, and I can’t get enough of fishing with it!

Thanks Anthony for everything you are doing to promote kayak fishing in Quebec. Looking forward to following you to watch your continued success.