Quebec Bass Anglers

Quebec Bass Fishing: Interview with Ace Fishing QC

If I would have had to guess what my first Quebec interview would be about, I would have bet on walleye, maybe northern pike. Probably about some remote waters in Northern Quebec.

Well, I certainly was wrong. Instead my first interview is with two bass guys from Montreal. And I am sure glad it was. Jeff and Jo of Ace Fishing QC not only know how to fish but also have such cool personalities. This interview fills us in on Quebec’s Largemouth bass fishing opportunities, their fishing videos, and their trip with NHL great, Chris Nilan.

My #1 criteria for choosing who to interview is whether I would want to fish with the person. When I first started following you on Twitter and watching your YouTube videos, my first reaction was that the two of you would be so much fun to fish with. So, I want to start by asking Jeff, what makes Jo a great fishing partner? And Jo, what makes Jeff a great fishing partner?

Jeff:Knowing each other for more than 15 years from school to now, I don’t have a choice…haha…He is the one who brought me first fishing. So I’ve learn at the start from him and we’re always together, fishing as well as playing golf and hockey.

Jo:It’s a natural choice to fish with Jeff cause as he said, knowing each other for more than 15 years, it’s natural to choose your best friend to go.

Jeff:Yeah even if today I catch more fish and bigger one’s…(laughter).

Jo:Yeah he catch bigger but not more…(laughter).

ace-fishing-qc-02When people think about fishing in Quebec, largemouth bass fishing may not be the first thing they think of. My only trip to Quebec was to the Gouin for walleye. You guys catch some big largemouth. What are your favorite Quebec waters for largemouth? And why do you like fishing those waters?

Jo:I don’t agree with that, because there is a LOT of largemouth spot and a lot of good Largemouth Fishermen in Quebec province.

Jeff:Yeah probably a lot of people think about walleye because there is a lot of them but honestly Quebec is PIKE land, Smallmouth and Largemouth Paradise… you got to find them. We fish on the Richelieu River and on The St-Laurent.

Jo:Yeah and we also fish the Magog River and the Yamaska River.

What other species do you enjoy targeting in Quebec?

Jeff: We fish a lot for Pike and Bass. Sometime trout… I have tried a couple of times for walleye but it’s not my game… I’m more into Top Water action.

Jo: Also Pike and Bass and a LOT of trout cause I’m into fly fishing too.

Your videos are really great. When did you decide to start making videos? And what are your goals for the videos?

Jeff: I think at first Jo decided to make the movies. He had a specific idea of what he wanted. Less talking and more fishing…

Jo: We’ve started in March this year. I’ve always done some video of my own fishing adventures and photos, but I have decided to make them bigger and in a different professional way. I’m tired of those fishing movies, you know where the fisherman try to give you advice and tips and always talk… Fish and show me your catch! That’s what I want.

Jeff: We would really like to have a lot of views eventually and to get in small television spots or online show, you know 4 or 5 minutes of our trip, quick video of us BOOM people like it NEXT. We also want to give an image that fishing is fun, not that type of boring siting in a boat for 3 hours no catch experience. We want to reach for a young crowd and give a different view of what fishing can be.

I love the video titled Babylone. It is so well produced. How much time goes into making a video like that? What are the details that people don’t realize, when watching, are required to produce a short video like that?

Jeff: There are a lot of things that people who never made video don’t realize are involved…such as you have to get more takes and shots than you think. 10 takes are often not enough. Angles, sun, there are so many details and once the takes are done you have to select them. So it’s a long day when we have to film. On top of that, no fish equals no film, so you have to catch fish.

Jo: Imagine 2 hours in a boat, and I have to watch Jeff’s face through the camera… these are some hard days (laughter). Seriously it is near 20 hours of work easy, cause we are the only 2 in this adventure. So we do everything ourselves and we are 2 perfectionist.

Jeff: Yeah and Jo is not that good with a camera so it’s harder for me to work the takes (laughter). For real it’s a lot of work, a lot of time for those short clips but we want it that way.

In Babylone, there is a “high five” after landing a Largemouth. I would’ve assumed the two of you would be more fist bump guys. So you have just reeled in your new personal best hawg of a Largemouth, do you high five or fist bump?

Jeff: (laughter) Normally we don’t High-5, when Jo catches a huge fish, which does not happen a lot (laughter), I’m more like “Nice fish… you suck!” During Babylone, it was a windy day, we could not keep any sound record so that was our celebration, but we are more fist bump for real or low-5.

Jo: “Dickhead” will probably be what I will call him the day that he will catch a big one.

Jeff: Yeah you can notice on Jo’s right Sleeve it’s written FORK, he is the kind to hook a fish and then lose it beside the boat… like a Fork!

Jo: Yeah, that move is called: Jo’s No-Handed-Catch-N-Release! You got to be a pro to do this.

ace-fishing-qc-05You just fished with former Montreal Canadians Chris “Knuckles” Nilan. How did that come about? What was he like to fish with?

Jeff: Yeah a week ago he posted a photo of him fishing. So I did too with my 5.2 lb bass and he respond back: “When are we going?” So within 24 hours, he had my phone number, called me and we set that date up. So Tuesday August 9th was the day!

Chris is so humble, a real one like few of them. It was like being with a friend that you know since high school. Natural and real.

Jo: Yeah also we want to thank him for the sandwich. Damn the lunch was good!

Will there be video of your fishing day? And how was the fishing?

Jeff: No there is no video YET of our day with Mr Nilan. Our Goal was really to spend a good time fishing and that’s it. BUT Chris is aware of our Fishing Productions and he agreed to participate one day so we expect to have something cool coming eventually.

We had a lot of fun like within 3 minutes at our 1st spot he got a 3lb bass, and his friend Sean got a pike! The only thing we wanted for him and his friend Sean was to have a good time fishing and catching fish quick, that’s all! And it happened really fast. About 8 of them within an hour and a total for the day of near 20.

Jo: Fishing with a Stanley cup winner and one of the most Feared enforcers in the NHL was amazing. And we want to thanks him a lot once again for that.

Jeff & Jo: 30lb Musky Chris! He will understand.

ace-fishing-qc-06What else is coming up in the future for Ace Fishing Quebec?

Jeff: Future…. We want to get our hands on a Drone to get better views and image. Lot’s of trips. If we can we want to have more celebrities to fish with us and show them our secret big bass and pike spots.

Jo: Fish… fishing… and more fish! And there is a new video coming soon where we went to Coin Lavigne Outfitter, which is trout paradise. So stay tuned on our YouTube and Facebook page.

Jeff and Jo: Thank you so much for that opportunity. If you pass nearby Montreal, contact us we will spend a day for sure!

I most certainly will be giving you a call if I am in your area. I definitely want to experience some of this great bass fishing. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for Ace Fishing QC. We will be following.