Can I tell you how much I love custom and small bait companies? If you see my tackle boxes, you will see that I almost exclusively buy from small manufacturers, primarily in the Northeast. I am in no way against the bigger companies. They have a very important role in the fishing industry and for the most part, deliver quality products to anglers. But what I love about the smaller bait makers is the passion for fishing that comes through when you talk about their baits. I also love their attention to detail. They need to know that every bait that gets shipped out is of the highest quality. They simply can’t afford to ship out baits that don’t meet their highest quality standards. Loaded for Bass is one of these great companies. Based in Connecticut, these guys are putting out quality baits and have a deep rooted passion for fishing, inspiring the work they do. Read to learn more about their company as well as one of the best fishing stories, ever, at the end.Read More →

I interviewed Connecticut angler Jay Rayner. He goes into great detail about his Connecticut waters, largemouth bass strategy and kayak fishing techniques. Lots to read here. You are big time bass chaser. What is your favorite way to fish for largemouth bass? While I love the fast paced action ofRead More →

I don’t know salmon fishing. So, I was excited to learn a bit more from Connecticut’s Joseph Massena. This guy knows how to catch them. He also does quite a bit of ice fishing that we discuss. Read on… I want to start with your impressive salmon pics. What areRead More →

Joy of Fishing

I love anglers who show their love for fishing. Heather aka Fishtress is one of those anglers. I also have a love for small boats and Heather fills us in not only on her fishing but also the construction of her fishing machine. One of the many things I love about following your page is how muchRead More →

  This interview with Bass Stryker Outdoors’ Greg Perreault covers a bit of everything on New England fishing. We hit his favorite places to wet a line in Massachusetts; his recent bass fishing trip to Maine; a review of Lakeside Hotel and Cabins on Cobbosseecontee Lake; information about a greatRead More →