Hayley Schultz Loves to Fish

DockTalk365 Pennsylvania

I love interviewing people who love fishing. Hayley Schultz is one of those people who exudes her love of fishing. This interview represents everything that is right about our sport.

Susquehanna River Fishing Club

Get to Know Susquehanna River Fishing Club

DockTalk365 Maryland

The Susquehanna River Fishing Club is a great organization bringing anglers together who love fishing this amazing fishery. We discussed the club with Don Goff and learned about why it is something you should definitely check out if you love fishing the Susquehanna.

Rocky Droneburg with an awesome river smallmouth bass.

River Fishing with Rocky Droneburg

DockTalk365 Maryland

Ever think about building your own custom river jet boat to chase shallow water river smallmouth bass? Rocky Droneburg has and is doing just that. This interview discusses his new boat and the building process and his fishing of the Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers.