Fishing Southwestern Nova Scotia with Trevin McNicol

DockTalk365 Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has some great trout waters. One of those is the Tusket River system in Southwestern Nova Scotia. While the fishing can be rewarding, it is not the easiest waterway to fish. Trevin McNicol provides us information on fishing the system for both Brook Trout and Chain Pickerel.

Tournament Fishing Chris O'Brien

Breaking Down Tournament Fishing with Chris O’Brien

DockTalk365 New York

We interview Norther Division COSTA FLW angler Chris O’Brien. Chris finished 5th in AOY race last year and hopes to improve on his success in 2017. Chris breaks down the 2016 season for us as well as provides a preview of 2017.

Delaware River Fishing and Clean Water

DockTalk365 New Jersey

Read about Craig Durand who fishes the Lower Delaware River for largemouth bass. Along the way, he is committed to keeping our waterways clean and environmentally healthy. He shares a lot of great tips for catching bass on the Delaware.

Rob’s Lake Ontario Kayak Bass Fishing Trip Report

DockTalk365 New York

New Jersey’s Rob Hoehn aka @njyakattack decided to take a spring bass fishing trip to New York’s Lake Ontario. Unlike others who pull up in their big boats, Rob takes on Lake Ontario in his kayak. And the results? Well read on to find out the bass fishing clinic he put on during his trip.