Fishing VA with Joey Cooke

DockTalk365 Virginia

Virginia has a lot of great fishing opportunities. Many people head to the Williamsburg, Virginia to experience the amazing history of this town. I discussed the fishing in the area with avid fisherman and new Williamsburg resident, Joey Cooke. What does fishing mean in your life? Outside of my family, fishing is my life! Everything about it is food for …

Our Interview with Rice Lake Ontario’s Alpine Resort

DockTalk365 Ontario

We were so excited when Jodi from Alpine Resort agreed to let us ask her a few questions. Alpine Resort is located on Rice Lake in Southeastern Ontario. While there are a number of accommodation options on Rice Lake and we are sure many of them are quite fine, we quickly realized, based on our research that Alpine Resort is a great place to fish. Their reviews are excellent and as you will see from our interview, they just simply put off a really great vibe. Whether a serious fishing vacation or going on a fishing and family trip, we think you will find that Alpine Resort may just be the place you are looking for.

Fishing Vlogging 101 with Billy G of AMFisH

DockTalk365 Ontario

When I first started fishing blogging, I quickly found the YouTube channel of AMFisH. I was immediately impressed by Billy G, the man behind AMFisH. This Ontario fisherman’s knowledge of fishing provides such a unique angle on fishing techniques. His vlogs are professionally done and very engaging. So, I was quite happy when he was willing to discuss fishing vlogging 101.

The Bald Bearded Basser from Daniels West Virginia

DockTalk365 West Virginia

There are people that you can just tell, without even meeting them, that they would be fun to fish with. I thought that instantly after checking out The Bald Bearded Basser, also known as Tim White. After this interview, I know I would not only have a blast fishing with this young man from Daniels, West Virginia but would also learn a thing or two about catching big largemouth. Tim provides lots of great West Virginia bass fishing information as well as some of his favorite products. Plus, Tim has one of the craziest big bass stories ever!