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Rice Lake Ontario’s Alpine Resort

View from Alpine Resort on Rice Lake

I was so excited when Jodi from Alpine Resort agreed to let us ask her a few questions. Alpine Resort is located on Rice Lake in Southeastern Ontario. While there are a number of accommodation options on Rice Lake and we are sure many of them are quite fine, we quickly realized, based on our research that Alpine Resort is a great place to fish. Their reviews are excellent and as you will see from our interview, they just simply put off a really great vibe. Whether a serious fishing vacation or going on a fishing and family trip, we think you will find that Alpine Resort may just be the place you are looking for.

To start, how did you get to where you are operating a fishing and family resort on Rice Lake?

We purchased Alpine Resort together (two sisters with our husbands) almost 20 years ago as we wanted to own our business. With our varying interests and areas of expertise, we were confident we could make a success of it. After a few glitches in the first years, it’s worked out great for us and our families.

Describe what people should expect when spending a week at your Resort.

Expect a clean, comfortable cottage with lots of room to play. Expect a laid back, rural, quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

What do you feel are Alpine Resort’s best three features?

Best features? Lots of space on well kept grounds. Family friendly, relaxing atmosphere with the ability to have your own family time including evening fires. Pretty much everything you need is available on the property including laundry, boat rentals, fishing from the extensive shoreline (docks), convenience store, games room, books, tv and internet…..lots of stuff to do. Oh, then there’s access to Rice Lake for the best fishing in Ontario!!

What is the biggest challenge in being a Resort owner?

Biggest challenge includes always being on call and readily available with a good attitude at ALL times. Dealing with all the government agencies involved in the many aspects of the resort is the most difficult.

How would you describe the overall fishing on Rice Lake?

Fishing on Rice Lake is almost always excellent. It’s weedy and the perfect environment for panfish, walleye (pickerel), bass and the odd muskie.

Do you ever get time to fish?

Haha. No, we rarely get time to fish. Occasionally I (Jodi) go fishing with a family who comes in June. They fish for bluegill which is great fun. Fred (brother in law) fishes occasionally in the fall and he loves to ice fish when we have no guests. He goes for walleye in the fall and perch in the winter.

If you were a guest coming for the fishing and could only pick one month, which month would you pick?

I’d come in September. The weather is often beautiful. It’s really quiet here and on the lake. The water’s warm enough for swimming and water sports.

Rice Lake is known as a great multi-species fishery, which do you feel is most of your guest’s favorite fish to target? 

In June the favourite is bluegill. It’s mostly Americans and it’s popular as it’s delicious and easy to catch. Walleye is also a favourite again because it’s delicious. Bass is a favourite in the summer as it’s just fun to catch. Most bass fishermen practice catch and release.

Which is the most challenging fish to catch in your lake? 

I think muskie is the most challenging as there aren’t a lot of them. They’re great fun though as they put up a great fight.

What three lures are must have’s when coming to Rice Lake?

We sell the best lures, the Erie Dearie, here in our store. They’re hard to find elsewhere. Most use live bait. Bluegill fishermen use coloured tear drop hooks with spikes or wax worms.

In the summertime, does the Lake have a lot of pleasure craft traffic?

Yes, there is some pleasure craft using the lake. Water skiing and wake boarding happen but not a lot. Jet skis are here but they’re not great on the lake as it’s weedy.

How challenging is the lake to navigate?

There are a few hazards on the lake. Most are well marked. We tell them what to watch for but often props get damaged by people just going too close to shore (islands) with the boat.

Anything else you want to tell people about Alpine Resort?

Hmmm. You have to see it. Alpine Resort is unique and the longer we’re here, the more we realize that. We’re a family run business and take pride in what we do. We live here and raise our families here. The disadvantage for guests to this is that we don’t provide 24 hour service. For the most part, we love what we do and enjoy the people who come.

So, once again a big thank you to Jodi and her partners Mike, Anita and Fred for doing this interview with us. If you have been there, they would really appreciate a review on TripAdvisor. After you do, please consider coming back here and letting us know about your trip.

If you haven’t been there, go visit Alpine Resort and see for yourself everything they have to offer.