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Get to Know Ontario Angler Greg Fruehwald

Northeastern Ontario Fisherman Greg Fruehwald
Northeastern Ontario Fisherman Greg Fruehwald

Greg Fruehwald gets to live and fish a place on this earth that I spend a lot of time dreaming about. His home in Northeastern Ontario provides ready access to some of the best fishing in the world. This area is rich with the fish I love to target, smallmouth bass, muskie, northern pike and walleye. So join me in getting to know Ontario fisherman Greg Fruehwald.

When did your passion for fishing start?

My passion for fishing started, like most fisherman of today, with my father. At a very young age he used to take me fishing on the banks of the Credit River in Caledon, Ontario a little north of Toronto. We would fish for Rainbow & Brook Trout. We would fly fish on those banks as well as using spinning rod rigs to chase those fish.

Over the years my dad branched my fishing experiences fishing for musky, pike, bass, walleye in the North Bay area as well as salmon fishing on Lake Ontario. Today, I have my 2 nephews Kit Porteous and Tim Martel that have fueled a new passion for me in becoming and participating as a tournament angler. Kit & Tim have been competing for a number of years in the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail.

Last year you got a sweet Alumacraft fishing rig. How did the rig treat you in 2016?

I cannot say enough about my Alumacraft Predator rig!! I was very fortunate to have my local Alumacraft dealer, Mid North Play Power Sports & Marine, help me get into this 18.5′ package. The Yamaha power plant is whisper quiet, powerful, and amazing on fuel. The boat itself is spacious, deep and wide, and safely rides like a dream on big and small bodies of water.

Greg Fruehwald Alumacraft Predator Rig from Mid North Play Power Sports & Marine

Alumacraft Predator Rig from Mid North Play Power Sports & Marine

What are your favorite waters to fish and what makes each so special to you?

I am blessed to be living in Northern Ontario, in particular, in Sudbury Ontario. There are so many lakes and rivers in my area to fish. My favorite, where I predominantly fish and where my camp is located, is Lake Agnew, chasing pike, bass and walleye. When I can, I also love to fish walleye with my nephews on the Spanish River in Massey, Ontario along the North Shore Area.

What is your favorite species of fish to go after?

My passion for fishing is so strong, I am up for fishing any species!!! But my favorite to fish for is walleye. It’s my family’s favorite fish to eat and during the winter months I love to tie my own live bait harnesses for the following season.

Who are your sponsors?

My sponsors are as follows:

Liquid Mayhem Bait Company:
In my mind this family owned company from Ontario is revolutionizing the industry with their fish scents! Their scents are made with real bait and not chemically induced in a lab. When fish hit my bait they wont let go right away, which helps with your hooksets. It is also very concentrated and sticky, which means you don’t have to apply after every cast. In fact I have experienced where I may only apply once every 30 casts and the scent is still on my bait!!! It definitely has changed the way I fish and I will not fish now without some in my boat.

Greg Fruehwald Fishes Liquid Mayhem All Year

Greg Fruehwald Fishes Liquid Mayhem All Year

Dunamis Rods: Josh at Dunamis Rods makes amazing custom rods. In particular, they have a new rod line out called Series One, Which I proudly own. Dunamis Rods has set the market on its ear with the Series One custom built rod for an affordable $99!! Not only that, they offer a hassle free lifetime warranty. These rods are extremely light and well built. If you happen to order any other custom rod from Dunamis and you’re not satisfied. Josh will buy it back from you. Amazing!!

Skoll Gear: Skoll is a new family owned company in the industry, from Ontario. They make quality active wear to protect you from the suns harmful rays. Their clothing line is light, with sun blocking materials, and geared for today’s outdoors person.

Bait2Go: They are an innovative bait management system, designed and made locally here in Sudbury, Ontario. The ingenious idea JR has designed, is the fact that it is portable, and basically holds any live bait you want to fish with. The design allows you several ways to mount the system in your boat or you can have it on your person!! Fantastic.

Line Cutterz: Vance has designed a ring that conveniently cuts through any type of mono or braid line. Instead of fumbling for a pair of cutters to cut your line, the design can allow you to conveniently have this ring on your finger, on your rod or even in certain areas on your boat!!! It is a game changer and safe to use.

Sasquatch Lure Company: This company makes one of the finest Pike, Musky & Bass lures on the market today. Matt uses only quality parts that make these lures strong and durable. I am pleased to be recently added on the team in 2017.

You clearly work hard to promote your sponsors. What have you found to be the keys in successfully gaining and maintaining sponsors?

It is quite simple really. I would not be involved with any of these companies if I did not truly believe and use their products!! I believe what their product provides the industry is the best in their field. I am truly proud to be able to help promote and have a small part in watching these companies succeed and grow. And when the time comes that these sponsors may decide to go a different direction, it will not change my unwavering support of their products.

What are you fishing goals for 2017?

I am currently searching for a co-angler to enable me to fish some bigger locally run fishing tournaments in 2017. In particular I am looking to participate in a couple different specie tournaments. Top 50 Pike Series, NOWT Sagamok Walleye Tourney as well as one of the Nickel City Bass Tournaments.

By doing this, it will allow me to be out in the field, among my peers, spreading the word of my sponsored products and strengthening my social media visibility.

Thanks so much for the interview Greg!

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