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One Day on a Bass Boat: Angler Profile with Ashton Laird

Angler Profile Ashton Laird

Ashton Laird is a New York recreational and tournament angler. In this angler profile, we learn about Ashton. We also hear about the importance of taking a kid fishing. Ashton’s life was forever changed with one day on a bass boat.

How long have you been fishing?

I have been fishing since I was around 4 years old, growing up on Lime Lake I used to fish every single day before and after school. When I was young around 6 to 8 years old I would fish off my parents dock on Lime Lake. I’d see bass boats coming in and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Well after this guy saw me fishing there every time he came to the lake he asked my dad if I could go with him. Well he asked me, and I think I about ran off the dock. The guy’s name  is Pete Dirado. He took me out and showed me how to fish and we caught a ton. That day changed my life forever… I was hooked!

About 14 years later I went to Pete and bought his bass boat off of him and here I am now. I have to give Pete a huge thank you for showing me the ropes and different styles of fishing.

I’d like this to be a message to everyone as anglers to take a kid fishing. It could change their life as much as it changed mine. Also the smile on their faces will bring you back to the reason you started fishing in the first place.

Why do you love fishing?

I love fishing because of the so many different ways to catch fish. I love learning these new techniques. It is so much fun.

How is the new Triton treating you?

I love my Triton 21TRX paired with the Evinrude 250 H.O G2. It has plenty of storage for all my gear. The speed and handling of the boat is one of the best in the business. I would highly recommend getting a Triton to any angler that tournament fishes.

Ashton Laird and Tournament Partner with a 2018 10th Place on Conesus
Ashton (Left) and Tournament Partner with a 2018 10th Place on Conesus

How has the 2018 tournament season been for you so far?

The 2018 season has been alright for me so far. I haven’t done really good but on the days you are not doing good you are always learning something new. I have had a lot of those “should have done this instead” type of moments, but that’s what makes tournament fishing the most humble sport on this planet.

The highlights of my 2018 season are not what most highlights are. I have learned more this year than years in the past ,and I plan on using that to help me push through my 2019 season.

Over the course of your tournament career, what have been the best moments?

The best moments in my tournament career would have to be going to Norfork Lake in Arkansas for the Bassmaster Team National Championship. We fished a lake we have never been on and knew nothing about. Fishing against some of the best teams in the States we managed to take 25th out of 168 teams.

You are a member of the Lime Lake Fishing Team. Who is this team? 

When I was young, I used to watch the Bassmasters, and every since then I wanted to fish tournaments. So when the day came, myself and Danny Urbino took out a used boat my dad had on his lot. We cashed in our second tournament. After that day we thought that if we had a team name it would be easier to get sponsors…lol.

So about 3 years of supporting out of our pockets we managed to figure it out. My parents saw that and decided that if it is something we love to do so much we will support you guys. Now both of us have identical Triton 21TRX’s. If we have any problems they get us up and running in no time!  So I have to say having our “Team” is awesome because it is best friends and family.

Lime Lake is a small lake. How is the fishing on the bass fishing on the lake?

Lime Lake is only 1 mile long and holds some really good fish. Due to constant boat traffic and private launch, not many people can fish it. I run tournaments here on Wednesday nights. You can find that on my Facebook page. And I run one big tournament there in October where we donate money to charity and have a really good time. Everyone takes home a prize from cash to fishing poles to maple syrup. Noel Good makes some really good syrup…just saying…lol.

I would run more tournaments out here but with so many people on this small lake it would be rude to the Lime Lake Cottage Owners Association who already deal with enough boat traffic.

What do you consider your favorite New York bodies of water to fish for largemouth bass?

I would have to say Cayuga Lake is my favorite largemouth lake to fish. You can catch them so many different ways that it makes it a really fun lake to fish. From frogs, jigs, crankbaits to swimbaits you can pretty much do it all.

My second favorite lake would have to be Conesus. Now this lake I have a love hate relationship for. When its on fire that lake will produce some mega bags. But if she’s off…well enough said good luck! The challenge that this lake produces always keeps you second guessing yourself.

Ashton with a Big Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass
Ashton with a Big Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass

What do you consider your favorite New York bodies of water to fish for smallmouth bass? 

Now my favorite smallmouth lake probably wont come as a surprise….ERIE!!! Hands down is one of the best smallmouth lakes in the world. The amount of giant bass in that lake is unbelievable. If you’re a smallmouth guy and haven’t been there, do yourself a favor and go! Just check the weather. She likes to get angry.

What are your fishing goals?

I’d have to say my goal as a tournament angler would be to go as far as I can in the sport. Every tournament angler has heard this before from people “how hard can it be to catch 5 bass.” If only they understood the time and effort we put in to catching those 5 bass learning how to catch bass in all different seasons, times, rain, snow, wind, sun, and clouds.

Even the elites are learning everyday. This sport is so humbling and the only thing you can do is keep learning and soak it all up like a sponge. The guys who learn the most are the guys who are winning.

Who are your current sponsors?

My sponsors right now are Lime Lake Marine & RV. This is our family business. My parents are some of the most dedicated hard working people out there. They bend over backwards just to make the customer happy. They have supported me in this sport since day one, and I cant thank them enough. If you are in the market for a boat or RV, don’t hesitate to call them!

Machias Outdoors is another company I have to give a shoutout to. Mike and Tara always make sure that I’m geared up and ready for tournaments. Even if it’s a last minute order on tungsten, he will next day air it so I could be ready. He also has some of the best gun and bow prices on the market!

Brandon Boehmer Truck Service and Repair is a sponsor that not only helps me out, but gives me the peace of mind that I will make it to the lake with my rig ready to fish. A tournament doesn’t start at 6AM, it starts when you wake up and gets done when you get home. Having my truck serviced and cared for is a huge deal with all the miles I put on, so if your having troubles with your truck give Brandon a jingle!

Thank you Ashton. Will be following on Instagram @Ashton_Laird_Fishing.

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