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Angler Profile: Nick Lawrence Connecticut Bass Fishing

nick lawrence with two big smallmouth bass

In this Dock Talk 365 Angler Profile, we talk with Nick Lawrence about his Connecticut bass fishing. He shares about his favorite waters and some of his personal best fish.

Where does fishing rank in your favorite things to do?

Fishing ranked number 1 in my favorite things to do until my daughter was born 2 years ago. Now I would definitely have to say it’s number 2 right behind spending time with her. As far as what I love about fishing is the challenge in finding the fish and just being out on the water or on the bank. I do love bank fishing just as much as being on a boat. I love forgetting about the stress of everyday life for a couple of hours. I also love that over the years I’ve met a lot of really awesome people that also love to fish.

What is your favorite way to fish?

If I had to narrow it down to one style I like the most, it would have to be pitching a jig or creature bait around cover. There’s nothing better when you feel that thump on the end of your line, and you jack that fish as hard as you can.

You fish Candlewood Lake. What do you conisder your best methods to catch largemouth bass on Candlewood?

My best method for catching largemouth on Candlewood would have to be pitching a jig or soft plastic in and along the weed edges.

Nick Lawrence with a Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass from Candlewood LakeWhat do you consider your best methods to catch smallmouth bass on Candlewood?

My best method for smallmouth on Candlewood is a Keitech swimbait around rock and ledge. A tube is always a great way to catch them. And lastly a drop shot. I’ve found for me fishing very slow is the most effective with these baits.

What other Connecticut bodies of water do you love to fish?

My next favorite places to fish are Lake Housatonic and Lake Winnemaug. I’ve recently gotten into kayak fishing and those are 2 of the places I like to go the most with my kayak. There isn’t much or any motor boat traffic on those lakes. They both hold big bass for Connecticut. When I’m fishing the bank I like to fish the Saugatuck river for river smallmouth. Even 2 pounders fight like they are 4 pounders in the river. I also like to fish a place called Maltby Lake from the bank. I’ve caught the most 4 pounders from the bank there, and I love walking the trails there.

What are your personal best largemouth and smallmouth bass?

My personal best largemouth that I actually weighed was 5.01. I was fishing Lake Winnemaug last summer from my kayak. It was a cloudy hot and humid day. Fishing was very slow that day. I was dragging a green pumpkin craw tube on a big grass flat.

When he bit my bait, he didn’t really hit it hard. He kind of just sat there with it in his mouth. In fact I thought I was snagged in some thick grass at first until he started to swim off with my bait and I saw my line moving to the side. Once I set the hook I knew it was a good fish because he took me for a ride. Kayak fishing is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to fish. In my opinion it’s more challenging catching and landing fish than being on a bass boat.

My personal best smallmouth is 4.99. I caught him at candlewood. There really isn’t much of a story though. I caught him in about 20 feet of water on a 3.8 Bluegill Flash Keitech Swimbait.

What are your 2018 bass fishing goals this year?

Goals for 2018: I actually made the Connecticut state team this year. I will be fishing the eastern regional in South Carolina. My first goal is not to embarrass my self…lol. My second goal is to break my pb’s. Third I want to learn as much as I can and keep getting better. Finally and probably my most important goal is to just fish and have fun. I do fish a bunch of tournaments every year and sometimes I forget that they are supposed to actually be fun.

Do you pro staff for any companies?

The only company that I’m a prostaff member of is Woo Tungsten. I don’t want sponsors just for the sake of having sponsors. After using their weights, I really believe in them and have no problem only using them. As far as baits and equipment I like to be able to try different companies and not be tied down to one specific company.

Thank you Nick. Will be following you on Instagram @nicklawrence_fish to see your 2018 success.

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