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New York City Fishing with Bass Man Jigs

Bass Man Jigs
Bass Man Jigs

We found a jig maker operating out of New York City, Donald Cable. He not only produces jigs and spinnerbaits through his company Bass Man Jigs, but he also spends a lot of time catching largemouth bass in New York City. Keep reading to learn more about his fishing, Bass Man Jigs and his YouTube channel.

So how does a New Yorker get into spinnerbait and jig making?

I am originally from Maryland, right outside of DC, and made them for years before moving to New York. The main reason was to create jigs and spinnerbaits that were the exact color patterns I wanted to throw.

Your spinnerbaits look sweet. What do you consider the key elements to a good spinnerbait?

Thank you, I try to “match the hatch” and throw golden shiner colors in New York because many of the lakes here are stocked with them. Blade quality is also critical along w a top quality ball bearing swivel. And the sharpest hooks possible is obvious. I pay top dollar for all the parts I use.

Your jigs also look terrific. What are the keys for building a good jig?

Thank you again, the main thing for the jigs is the skirt material and color, which the options are endless. I have to be careful when buying supplies because I want one of everything!

All of your jigs have rattles. Why is this?

I have used with and without and just feel its the extra attractant that calls a fish in.

What are your favorite spinnerbait and jig colors?

As I mentioned above it’s a “match the hatch” thing with spinnerbaits. I try to imitate what I think they are eating. For the jigs, its interesting because the peanut butter and jelly jigs seem to really fire ’em up sometimes, and I don’t think there are any peanut butter and jelly fish out there!

Do you think head color matters much on either spinnerbaits or jigs?

I believe it does because if a fish is moving in they clearly see the whole lure, unless its super muddy or dark out. Put it this way…I wouldn’t put a hot pink head on a black jig. But then again, that might be killer…lol.

For both your spinnerbaits and jigs, what are some of your favorite trailers to use?

For jigs, I like Net Bait Paca Chunks, but I have also used Zoom Super Chunk Jr’s for years. I don’t use trailers on spinnerbaits. No specific reason, I just don’t. As far as my selection, I just try to accent the particular jig I am throwing with a similar color.

Don with a New York City Central Park Largemouth Bass

Don with a New York City Central Park Largemouth Bass

What are your favorite places to fish around the city with your baits?

My favorites are the Central Park lakes because I live closest to them. But if I had to pin a favorite, it’s the Harlem Meer. For a body of water that small, it is a consistent producer of quality bass.

How about the rest of the State? What are some of your favorite places to bass fish?

As seen on my vids, I absolutely love the Ashokan Reservoir, the smallmouth fishing there is amazing. It’s a challenge to shore fish but the smallies are worth the trip.

You have a lot of videos up on your YouTube channel. What are your future plans for the channel in 2018?

More of the same with maybe some more striper fishing. The bodies of water with stripers are so close by it would be ridiculous to not go after ’em!

Thank you Don! Check out everything Don is doing at