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New River Fishing with Timmy Dixon of New River Outdoor Adventures

Timmy Dixon and Line Cutterz

Timmy Dixon is the owner of New River Outdoor Adventures in Galax, Virginia. Before interviewing business owners, I do research to make sure they represent business qualities that I want to promote to the readers of DockTalk365. So even though I was intrigued by Timmy from the impressive big New River fish on his Instagram page, I checked out reviews of his company before asking him for an interview. Reviews of New River Outdoor Adventures are terrific. And as you will see, good thing because so is this interview. New River bass fishing is fantastic and Timmy breaks down why and how to approach the fishing on the river.

You are a kayak angler. What kayak do you have?

I am an avid fisherman and have recently, within the last few years, really started to enjoy kayak fishing. I have demoed a few different kayaks for fishing. I have a Feelfree Lure 11.5 fishing kayak and it is the best boat for me.

The boat is 36 inches wide so it is very stable. The weight is 74 pounds and the boat also has a wheel built into the keel for easy portage and loading. I am a big fan of the built-in handle the boat has as well. My balance was always a big issue with me since I am an amputee but I feel very stable and secure on this boat.

The boat also has a gravity seat that adjusts to different heights while on the water. The standing platform is a wide, non-skid coated area that is very easy to balance on. The boat also has a stand assist leash to help you up and down steadily. This is a great boat for someone wanting to put a lot of hours on the water and be comfortable.

What sections of the New River do you fish?

The sections of the New River I fish are mainly from Route 58 bridge Foster Falls. The fishing is world-class with trophy size smallmouth bass abundant in the area. Great floats are available for the beginner with minimal rapids allowing you to really concentrate on your fishing skills or have fun with the family. My town of Fries, Virginia. is located in the area as well and offers some outstanding fishing. We have smallmouth bass, walleye, and muskie available in the area, which would be considered trophies in Virginia.

What are your 5 favorite smallmouth baits for the New River? What are your “go to” times for each of these baits?

5 top baits for smallmouth:

1. Spinnerbait: A great bait spring, summer, and fall and is very easy to use. The action is fast and can be a big producer of fish

2. Senko: This is a great summertime bait that can be fished many different ways. This bait catches fish.

3.Topwater: The thrill of a good top water bite is very addictive, approach with care, and hang on!!! Best used in summer to late summer months to target feeding fish.

4. Tube: Smallmouth bass love tubes anytime of year. The tube hands down matches some type of forage in the New River.

5: Crankbait: Can be a big producer anytime of year in the New River. The cranks can be fished at different depths and speeds accounting for some of my biggest smallmouth bass.

What was your best fishing day so far of 2016?

My best fishing day of 2016 was not too long ago, late October. I handled many fish that day with the biggest weighing 4 pounds plus and 20.25 inches.

The water was super clear and low, typical for fall fishing the New River. This made the fish very spooky so approach was a key to success that day…the wind helped as well. Long cast with a finesse type worm was the ticket that day. Lite line, lite weight, and a small bait was what they were feeding on and with the 3 added together made it a very fun day.

Rivers can be fragile environmental ecosystems, especially when it comes to having great fishing. How do you view the current status and future of the New River?

The New River has had her issues but she also has a lot of sportsmen and government officials that help keep her in tip-top shape. We are only getting better as each year passes and I consider this 1 of the cleanest fisheries I have ever fished. We constantly have the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries studying and sampling different aspects of the New River which helps better educate us on the best way to take care of her. We also enforce size/slot limits on gamefish in the New River. Creel limits are equally important as well for growing trophy fish. The New River is 1 of the top 5 smallmouth fisheries in the country, and I’m not surprised.

What are your other favorite bodies of water to fish?

When I do have time to venture out and fish a new body of water, its always an experience. I enjoy fishing lakes such as Clayton Lake and Rural Retreat Lake. Both lakes can produce trophy fish and the scenery is amazing. I also enjoy fishing for native trout in small mountain creeks located all over Virginia. These waterways are usually small and hard to access, but well worth the time invested. Lastly, I enjoy exploring small local farm ponds. Either fly-fishing for panfish, or jigging for largemouth bass can be quite the thrill. I usually fill my void of fishing with these alternate spots when my river is blown out, or unfishable.

You own New River Outdoor Adventures. What does your company do for those who want to enjoy the river?

My company New River Outdoor Adventures offers fun for the whole family. We have kayak and canoe trips on 5 different sections on the New River. The trips range from beginner to intermediate and your experience with us has choices. We also offer river tube float trip if you want to just kick back and relax. We are also a bike rental as well and are conveniently  located steps away from the New River Trail.

We offer shuttle services too, which benefits you guys with your own equipment that just need your transportation moved. The camping we offer is primitive and all river front with breath-taking views to wake up to. We have a big offering for the sportsmen and women out there as well. We are a licensed agent for hunting and fishing permits for Virginia. We carry livebait and tackle for your outing on the New River. The shop also carries supplies for our customers and our local knowledge of the river will help you have the best experience you can when you visit New River Outdoor Adventures.

We also sell Feelfree kayaks which are perfect for the fisherman or recreational floater alike. We work with the guests that visit us to the best of our abilities to give you the best experience we can.

I read your Trip Advisor reviews which are all excellent. I don’t want to jinx you but how do you keep such a high satisfaction rating with the services you offer through New River Outdoor Adventures?

We go above and beyond to make sure our visitors leave us happy and full of great experiences to pass along. We make new friendships with our customers every year and that’s what makes New River Outdoor Adventures so special.

I have fished this river all my life and have no doubts that can verbally educate fish to the fish of a lifetime!

I think you can see why New River Outdoor Adventures has such an excellent reputation with someone with the passion and knowledge of Timmy at the helm. Timmy is pro staff for Line Cutterz and Smallie Tribe Apparel. To learn more about Timmy’s company, check out Or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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