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New River Fishing with Adrian Parcell

I have never fished the New River but since doing this blog I am realizing that the New needs to be on my bucket list. This river is jam packed with smallmouth bass but also has plenty of musky as well. Adrian Parcell fishes the New River and judging by his Instagram catches plenty of bass and musky while doing so. Adrian and I discussed his New River bass fishing and he filled us in on some of his secrets of catching big bass and musky on the New.

Seems like your primary water is the New River. What sections of the New do you fish?

I like to fish the sections downstream of the Claytor Lake dam. Primarily the sections from the Blacksburg area to the West Virginia/Virginia state line. There’s tons of water with just about everything imaginable when it comes to cover and structure. Whatever you like to fish you can find it somewhere. I myself like the fishing areas with ledges, boulders, and grass. Laydowns and brush piles also produce very well for me year round.

What are the keys to catching New River smallmouth?

My keys to catching smallmouth usually stay pretty simple. I match the hatch the best I can or at least when water clarity will allow it. I play around fishing different cover and structure and let the fish show themselves. And as always I look for current breaks.

What are your 5 favorite smallmouth baits on the New River?

My number one favorite bait has to be a Keitech Swing Impact in just about any natural color. They absolutely choke them year round and I never hit the water without a few packs of them. I typically throw them whenever I have clear water conditions.

My second favorite would have to be a crankbait. I throw tons of different colors and styles and all seem to produce for me. I love a crank when the water gets color to it.

Third would have to be a zoom super fluke. I throw them in clearer water and I usually throw them weightless.

Fourth would have to be a gitzit tube. I typically throw darker colored tubes when I have really stained water color and then gravitate towards green pumpkin when it clears.

Fifth would be a senko in any color and I usually throw them in clearer water.

adrian-p-02How about the New’s muskies? Why are you so successful in catching muskie on the river?

Honestly I think the reason I catch musky on the New is because there are so many of them. The river has everything they need to thrive and the populations of healthy fish are still rising. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to musky, but I still manage to fool a few.

What are your other favorite bodies of water?

My other favorite bodies of water are Claytor Lake, Smith Mountain lake, and Wolf Creek. Claytor will always be a favorite because that’s where my grandpa and my uncle always took me fishing. Some of the best memories I have from my childhood are with them fishing at the Claytor.

Wolf Creek was where I caught the fishing bug. It’s a small creek within walking distance of my home. My dad and I would always go hit the bank and catch tons of smallmouth, trout, and bream. I spent many hours of my childhood wading that creek and I’ll never forget it.

Smith Mountain is a favorite because it’s another really great fishery that gets overlooked. My personal best largemouth came out of that lake and tipped the scales at seven pounds even.

What are your fishing goals for 2017?

My goals for next year aren’t too crazy. I’m hoping to catch a 50+ musky. I would also like to fish a few more tournaments and continue to learn as much as I can. Most of all I want to continue to enjoy it as much as I can. There’s absolutely nothing better than time spent on the water. I’ve loved every second of it and have no doubt I’ll continue to enjoy my days spent fishing.

Thank you Adrian for the great information. I am even more convinced that I need to get to the New River before long and try my hand at catching a few bass and maybe even a musky.

Check out Adrian on Instagram.

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