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New River Bass Fishing

New River Bass Fishing
Timothy Dixon Showing Off a New River Smallmouth Bass

New River bass fishing can produce amazing results with smallmouth bass. To say there are some giant smallmouth bass in the New River is probably a huge understatement. This place is loaded with big smallies that fight like crazy raised in the currents of the New River . On this page, you will learn what you need to know about New River bass fishing to get you started on your next trip to this outstanding fishery.

The New River flows for approximately 360 miles. The river flows through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. While there are sections for boaters, kayak and canoe bass fisherman have a distinct advantage in accessing some of its best sections.

New River Bass Fishing

The bass fishery on New River is among the best places to catch smallmouth bass. The smallmouth are prime target when New River bass fishing. Smallmouth bass get big and strong living in the current of this river. Three and four pound smallmouth are certainly respectable here but it is probably going to to take a five pound river smallmouth to raise eyebrows of anglers who fish it all of the time.

The New River bass fishing faces the same challenges as on many other rivers. Populations of bass go up and down over the years. The New River is not the place that you are generally go and catch the numbers that you may catch at other places but your chances at trophy size citation fish may not be matched by any other nearby waters.

New River Bass Fishing Interviews on Dock Talk 365

Catching Citation Smallmouth Bass on the New River – We talk to Louis  Morgan Bulter about how he fishes the New River for citation size smallmouth bass. Morgan has a history of catching big smallmouth bass on the New River, and he shares how he does it.

How to Fish the Z-Man TRD TubeZ for River Smallmouth – In this interview Timmy Dixon of New River Outdoor Adventures talks about he use the Z-Man TRD TubeZ for New River bass fishing.

New River Fishing with Ben Morrison – In this interview, Virginia bass angler Ben Morrison gives us his perspective on New River bass fishing. Ben has grown up fishing the river and shares his insight.

New River Fishing with Timmy Dixon of New River Outdoor Adventures – Timmy Dixon makes his living on the banks of the New River. He is the owner of New River Outdoor Adventures out of Galax, Virginia. He spends a lot of time New River bass fishing out of his kayak as well.

New River Fishing with Adrian Parcell – Adrian focuses his fishing on just south of the Claytor Lake Dam. In this interview he talks about his smallmouth bass as well as muskie fishing on the New River.

Other Fish of the New River

Walleye, muskie, flathead and channel catfish, and panfish also inhabit the New River. Walleye don’t tend to be heavy with numbers on the river but can grow very big here.

Muskie fishing on the New River can be phenomenal for both numbers and size of fish. Here is an interview we do with guide Ken Trail about fishing for muskie on the New River.

Morgan Bulter with a New River Big Smallmouth Bass
Morgan Butler with a New River Big Smallmouth Bass

New River Bass Fishing Guides

New River Bass Fishing Summary

So what are you waiting for? Go give New River bass fishing a try. Remember to read fishing regulations from the State you are fishing prior to going. Also keep in mind the New River is a fishery that requires catch and release or selective harvest of all of its gamefish. When you catch a trophy of any species, snap some quick photos and then return it home with proper handling.

And very importantly remember to keep an eye on Dock Talk 365 for more New River bass fishing interviews.