New Hampshire Bass Anglers

New Hampshire Bass Fishing with Alex Butterworth

Alex Butterworth with a Big Largemouth Bass

I had the chance to get to know New Hampshire angler Alex Butterworth. Alex is an avid fisherman. Like most of us reading DockTalk365, Alex is passionate about the sport of fishing. He particularly loves bass fishing, both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Alex was kind enough to fill us in a bit more about his New Hampshire bass fishing and the tools he uses to catch big fish.

You do really well catching big New Hampshire bass. What are your favorite New Hampshire largemouth waters? 

Favorite largemouth water? I’ll have to say Highland Lake in Washington/Stodderd New Hampshire. It was the lake I learned how to fish. Lake has almost everything you can ask for: stumps, downed trees, pads, docks, rocks, etc.  And other area smaller bodies of water like Massasecum or Crescent lake. All have everything you need to catch largemouth.

What are your favorite techniques on these waters for catching trophy size largemouth?

Techniques I like to use for those lakes or any kind of largemouth lake would be topwater popper, Jitterbug, etc., anything to try and get the early morning bite. Along with chatterbaits and spinnerbaits if there is a little wind or they want something subsurface. Fishing pads I always go frogging. Nothing beats a frog bite.

And my favorite and what made me fall in love with bass fishing in the Senko. Simple but very effective. If fishing is tough or you need a quick limit, toss that Senko. It will put fish in the box.

Oh I forgot the dropshot! Pretty much speaks for itself. Beside the Senko the drop shot is a great technique. Might not always catch big fish but it catches fish. But once you hook that donkey you got to be smooth and relaxed cuz that light line will make your heart race when u got a 4, 5, or 6 pounder ripping that drag.

How about smallmouth? What are your favorite smallmouth waters? 

Smallmouth, oh man, probably the best bass fishing you can ever have!! I really enjoy Newfound Lake. The lake has great rock piles, grass lines and, ledges. Newfound gives me confidence because you have to fish for smallmouth, which a lot of fisherman don’t really know how. For tournaments, I always hunt largemouth but after a few hours and if they are not playing nice go out deep, find rock hump grass line. And catch smallmouth to get your limit.

What are your favorite smallmouth techniques? 

To catch these smallmouth, I only use 3 baits, maybe 4. First drop shot. 90% of the time I’m drop shotting for smallies. Than I go to a crankbait, size depending on the depth.  And a topwater fast moving like a spook. And sometimes I toss a lipless crank in shallower water.

What are your favorite rods and reel outfits? 

I use Abu rods and Quantum reels. My rods are the Vendetta’s in all different sizes and actions for whatever bait I’m using. My reels are Accurist 6:3-1 or 7:0-1. To be honest I’d like to get better quality but I’m a working man. Unfortunately other things need to get paid for. But these setups are great and I highly recommend them for any fisherman that wants reliable gear for a good price.

You hung out at the FLW Lake Champlain. I have never been to a tournament event. What is it like to go to a tournament?

Going to see the FLW was awesome. Got to meet Mark Rose, Matt Arey, and Jimmy Houston. It was a great experience to talk to pros about what they do and how they do it. You can never learn it all about bass fishing. Can’t wait to go and check out the Bassmaster Elite this up coming this season. Maybe one day I’ll be in the tournament.

Your boat looks like a really nice bass fishing machine. What is your boat? And what accessories do you have that help it be a great fishing platform?

My boat is a 94 Sskeeter zx 175 with a Yamaha Pro V 150 motor. It goes about 53 mph fully loaded. I added the V-T2 live well system to help my catch stay healthy in the box. I also have 2 Lowrance Elite 7 graphs to help me find my way around the lake and water structure I’m fishing for. Like I said I’d like to have the high quality gear but… And I stalk my prey with an 80 pound thrust Minn Kota Fortex trolling motor! And to start this season I will have an 8ft Power Pole to keep me on that spot when I’m creeping up on them.

Thank you Alex!