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Mittry Lake Largemouth Bass Fishing with Jeremie Lovejoy

Mittry Lake Largemouth Bass Fishing

Our first interview from Arizona is about Mittry Lake bass fishing with Jeremie Lovejoy. We also discuss the Colorado River as well. Jeremie loves to fish and has an amazing track record of catching big largemouth bass. Here is what Jeremie had to say about catching Mittry Lake Largemouth Bass.

How long have you been fishing?

I have fished all my life. I grew up fishing the Elk River just outside of Charleston, West Virginia. After joining the military in September of 1999 I got out of fishing for awhile but got started in tournament bass fishing as a non-boater with the Pitt County Bassmasters in 2014. I didn’t get my boat until I was here in Arizona back in April of 2016 and the fishing has been really great here.

How would you describe Mittry Lake largemouth bass fishing for an angler who has never been there?

Being here in Yuma, I do fish Mittry Lake and the Colorado River a lot. Mittry Lake largemouth bass fishing can be really good one day and Misery the next. I have caught some nice bass out of Mittry but my two 7lbers have came out of the Colorado River near Fishers Landing resort.

For anyone that has never fished Mittry be prepared for a lot of submerged grass. It can get so bad that it chokes off portions of the lake at times. I really love fishing a Spro Little John crankbait in Mittry and ripping it through the grass. You get a lot of reaction strikes doing that. Flipping in the tullies is also a great technique as well as frogs and skipping Cheater swimbaits.

Big Mittry Lake Largemouth BassWhat do you consider a good 5 fish limit for Mittry Lake largemouth bass?

A good 5 fish limit on this lake can be around 25lbs that I have seen. On the Colorado River I have seen a 5 fish limit push 30lbs in the early spring. My best 5 fish limit was on Mittry and was just under 22lbs.

Is this lake heavily pressured?

Mittry is not all that big of a lake but does get some pressure from local angkers and some tournaments. But the river gets a lot of pressure from tournaments and usually hosts a tournament every weekend out of fishers landing. But you just have to fish to your strengths and adjust when necessary.

What are your favorite winter baits for Mittry Lake largemouth bass?

During the winter, half of Mittry lake is closed off due to the birds that migrate down here so once they close it off I just focus on fishing the river.

I really love fishing crankbaits and lipless crankbaits. Here it is the end of December and not all of the grass has died off yet. If you can find the grass most of the time you will find the bass hiding in it.

Anyone that is cranking in the grass the key is making contact with the grass. If your crankbait isn’t diving deep enough to tip the grass or dig into it then your not going to do very well. Jerkbaits are also one of my go to lures in the winter.

How about early spring?

Once spring rolls around I will still crank closer to the banks trying to get a spawning bass, but will also start fishing a Cheater swimbait where I can skip it into the cover. It’s a very fun way to fish and you can catch a giant doing it.

When I think of Yuma, Arizona, I think hot summers! How do Mittry Lake largemouth bass react to the summer heat?

In the summers it can get upwards of 120 degrees. You definitely have to jump in and swim around to reset your body temp. Long sleeves, neck gators and hats are a must. The fish seek shelter deep in the shaded tullies or bury themselves into the grass. You just have to cover water and find them. Wacky rigging a senko can be a good summer time technique as well.

What advice that you have for anyone fishing for Mittry Lake largemouth bass for the first time?

Anyone fishing Mittry for the first time I would say focus on fishing the tullies by flipping or with a frog in the summer. You can also search for clear water and throw swimbaits. If your going to rip squarebills out of the submerged grass you need the right rod because a medium action cranking rod won’t do it.

Jeremie Lovejoy Personal Best Arizona Largemouth BassOverall, what is your personal best single bass?

My personal best Largemouth is 7.4 pounds and came out of Ferguson Lake just off the Colorado River. I caught it December 30, 2016. I was out fishing with two other guys that I offered to take out for a day of fishing.

It had started raining a little and we were doing good. I wanted to gain more confidence in fishing a chatterbait because I had no luck with it in the past. So I figured the only way to gain confidence was to start fishing it.

So I am about 15 minutes into fishing this chatterbait when I begin reeling it through the top of a submerged tree. The water was clear so I could see the tree and my chatterbait. Then I see this huge bass come out from the base of the tree and just inhale it. Needless to say I got my confidence in the chatterbait right then and there…haha.

Mittry Lake and the Colorado River both hold some giant bass. I have seen guys catch 9 pounders out of both places. I lost what would have been my personal best bass at the Colorado River that was easily between 8 and 10. Lost it right at the boat. One of the local guys here caught a 12 pound bass this year on the Colorado River.

Who are your current sponsors?

My current sponsors are Spro, Lew’s, Woo Tungsten, Amphibia, Vicious Fishing, New Pro Products, Taipan Rods, Screwy Lewy Lures, Stormr, and Hookfishproformance. Fishing competitively can get pretty exspenvise so the discounts that I receive from all of these companies help me out tremendously. It’s also great being apart of such great companies that I believe in and would use their products regardless.

Thank you Jeremie for this great interview. More importantly thank you for your service. I will be following on Instagram and Facebook.