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Fishing with Liz Urban

Liz Urban Fishing

We had a chance to talk to Liz Urban. She is a Northern Virginia angler who loves to fish the Potomac River. More specifically she loves to fish the Occoquan River and Aquia Creek in this area. In this interview, we learn about Liz and where and how she loves to fish.

Where are you from?

This is a tricky question. I grew up in the Army. I moved quite a few times before my father retired from the Army. I’ve been in Northern Virginia ever since, just over 25 years. So, I guess I’m from Virginia.

What got you started into fishing?

My father is the reason I started fishing. We were living in Panama around the age I started fishing. I can remember fishing Gatun Lake for Peacock bass while dodging the ginormous tankers passing through the canal. I’ve been hooked ever since.

The Potomac is a fishery that you have enjoyed success on. Is this your home water?

I fish as many bodies of water possible but the Potomac is the closest and my favorite. I’ll fish the river at least once a week, if not more. The river is always changing. There’s everything from shipwrecks to hydrilla to pads and the tide.

Liz Urban Aquia Creek Largemouth BassWhat are your favorite sections of the Potomac to fish?

My go to is the Occoquan River. It has steep rock walls, grass and marinas. Plenty of areas to fish without ever having to travel on the main river. I launch at the regional park at the back of the Occoquan River.

I’m also partial to Aquia Creek. There are tons of grass flats that hold big fish!

Your fishing out of a Tracker boat. What specific boat are you using?

I sold my boat over the winter in hopes of getting a bigger boat. My search still continues.

I did have a 2008 175 TXW with a 50hp Mercury. I would use the boat to get back into the creeks where most glass boats wouldn’t even try. The biggest con, it’s a slow, rough, wet ride on the main river. The Potomac can get pretty rough with the changing tide and the wind.

What has been your most memorable day while fishing the Potomac?

I was fishing the local Wednesday night shootout on Aquia Creek. Spent the entire evening in the grass, catching 4 pounders after 4 pounders. However, I was on the verge of tears as I was getting ready to head to weigh in. I opened the livewell and saw white bellies.

It was the worst feeling in the world. I love catching fish but I love releasing them even more. I was so heartbroken. I still weighed my fish and was rewarded with a first-place finish, even with the weight penalties for dead fish.

I saw a pic from last fall that had a jig, chatterbait and worm tied on each of three rods. Are these Potomac summertime baits for you?

A jig and worm are certainly summertime baits for me. I also love working a stick bait in the grass flats.

Liz Urban meets Forest WoodUnrelated to your fishing methods, you got to meet Forest Wood. How did that come about?

I met Forrest Wood two years ago at the weigh-in of an FLW event on the Potomac. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met in the fishing industry. My buddy taking the picture had on a Triton hat, so some friendly banter took place.

I have an autograph picture he gave me hanging on my tackle bench. It’s a reminder to reach my goal of owning a Ranger one day.

Who are your pro staff companies?

The first company that gave me the opportunity to join their pro staff was Cajun Rods. I absolutely love everything about the company, from owner Jaesen Yerger to the amazing, made is the USA, rods they produce. Cajun Rods offers several series of rods for different styles of fishing.

I am an Ambassador for Lew’s. I use their reels which are the best I’ve ever had my hands on. They are reliable and last a long time. My favorite reel is the Tournament LITE G Speed Spool.

I am also on the Apollo’s Shield, Tackle Armor and Element 74 Tungsten pro staffs.

Please check out Liz on Instagram @lizlovesfishing. Thank you Liz for sharing your love of fishing with us!

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