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Lake Kesagami 2017 July Fishing Trip Report

Lake Kesagami 2017 July Fishing Trip Report

Today we check out a great travel destination, Lake Kesagami Wilderness Lodge. This Lake Kesagami 2017 July fishing trip report comes from Kyle Sheridan.

How often have you been to Kesagami?

We have now been to Kesagami 16 times! There are so many things that I love about the place that it’s tough to pick one out of them all. The fishing is obviously crazy, but I love the remoteness of the park and what that place does to the soul.

This year were up in early July. How was the weather and the conditions for your trip?

Yes we were up in early July, which is the same week we generally leave for the trip. The weather was actually pretty decent this year. I don’t believe I had to wear my touque all week which was definitely a first. There usually a day or two that get pretty chilly.

kyle sheridan lake kesagami walleyeKesagami is known for “numbers” of eater walleye but I saw your pic of a really nice walleye. What were your biggest walleyes of the trip?

That Walleye was definitely the big one of the week for our group at 28 inches. We caught a pretty decent amount in the mid-20 inch range all week but generally the walleye are between 18 and 22 inches.

What were your best walleye patterns?

Over the years we have tried throwing everything under the sun in that lake to see what happens, but over the last few years we’ve definitely narrowed our bait selection down to a few. Generally, I like to use a small jig head with a white 6 inch grub. We have had a lot of luck with white over the years.

When the Walleye fishing turns on however, I like to use a Williams Wobbler. The Walleye love it, and so do the Pike when they come in to feed.

Drifting and backtrolling over points have given us the best success over the years to consistently catch the Walleye.

I didn’t see any pics of the giant northern pike Kesagami is known for. How was the pike fishing?

We definitely fish for Northern Pike while we’re up there. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t catch one over 40 inches this year, which means no Instagram post! The Pike fishing has been pretty steady over the years, but they are definitely more work to catch. The north side of the main lake has a few big bays that are great for casting for big Northerns, but that could make for a long day.

What were your best methods for catching northern pike?

The best method for catching Northerns in this lake definitely depends on how the climate is. If it’s been a cold spring and start to summer, the weeds haven’t really come up in the bays and we find trolling around certain islands produces more fish in this case. If it happens to have been a warm spring and the weeds are up, casting weed beds in the big northern bays tends to work well.

How were the accommodations?

The accommodations at Kesagami Lodge are amazing to say the least. Guests have the options of staying in the main lodge, which is a bit newer, or the log cabins by the water. We have stayed in the same cabin for the last 15 years now and it’s become like our second home.

Was there anything that you wish were improved?

Not a thing. Not one thing. The manager of the lodge Charlie runs a pretty tight ship up there and the staff is always amazing.

Do you recommend using one of the lodge guides?

I would definitely recommend one of the lodge guides if it’s your first time on the lake. The lake is very large, and also very shallow. They know the lake like the back of their hands which means they’ll keep you safe, and definitely put you on fish. They also cook up a mean shore lunch for the group. Evan, Pat, Tom and Matt are all great guys, and great guides.

What are 5 pieces of advice that you have for anyone considering a trip to Kesagami?

Five pieces of advice that I would have to give are:

#1 – Most importantly, bring waterproof and warm clothing. It can rain a lot throughout the week and the temperature can dip pretty close to 0 at night and in the mornings.

#2 – Pick the right time to go. If you’re all about the fishing and the cold doesn’t bother you, go right when it opens and the ice is coming off the lake. If you don’t fish in the cold, later in the summer is definitely better.

#3 – Bring a lot of tackle and leaders.

#4 – When you get there, do not use the wifi. Enjoy the outdoors and that vitamin N while you’re there and take a break from the real world.

#5 – Don’t blink while you’re there. The week goes by quickly!

And I’ll repeat. Warm and dry clothing is very important!!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the most, how much would you recommend Kesagami to other anglers?

I’m sure at this point you know the answer to this question. Without a question a 10. It’s the most beautiful place on earth, that happens to hold thousands of 40+ inch Northern Pike.

Thank you Kyle for the great fishing report. You can follow Kyle for future reports @ksherida on Instagram.