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Lake Anna Largemouth Bass Fishing

Tony Barrix (Right) Doing Some Lake Anna Largemouth Bass Fishing
Tony Barrix (Right) Doing Some Lake Anna Largemouth Bass Fishing

Lake Anna is a very popular Virginia lake and fishery. The lake has a good population of largemouth bass but they are certainly not always easy to catch. We talk to Tony Barrix Jr about Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing.

How long have you been fishing Lake Anna?

I have been fishing lake Anna since I was about 10 years old. Anna is pretty special to me. My uncle would take me a few times a year. It’s where my passion for fishing and boating started.

As far as largemouth population goes, I believe it is getting better. I know the lake is putting out some incredible 5 fish limits. If you can figure them out, they are there.

How would you describe the lake for someone who has never been there before from a largemouth bass fishing perspective?

Anna is a beautiful lake. Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing can be very tough but rewarding when you figure them out.

Lets start with the spring. What type of structure are you focused on when Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing?

Wood without a doubt. Brush piles and docks are what I target. I love using my Lowrance HDS units to find brush piles and logs. I also use Navionics to find docks that have deeper water near by or a channel. Navionics is a great tool everyone should use for finding those key areas.

What are your favorite spring baits for Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing?

My go-to and favorite is a jig. I love dragging a football head or skipping an arkie head under docks. I feel the key to being successful is confidence. Confidence is huge when fishing.

Over the years I’ve fished a lot of different jigs and colors. I’ve narrowed my jigs down to a few basic colors. I recommend finding a good quality jig and color that you have confidence in. Dragging a jig over a brush pile, log or rock and getting bit is an awesome feeling! High Tech Outdoors in Charlottesville Virginia makes all of my jigs.

Tony and Fishing Partner with a Second Place Finish on Lake Anna

Tony and Fishing Partner with a Second Place Finish on Lake Anna

Summertime brings boat traffic on this popular lake. Do you do Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing in the summer?

This is when the Lake Anna largmouth bass fishing can get very tough. You need to focus on your favorite areas of the lake early in the morning before the boat traffic gets bad. I’ll usually fish my main lake stuff early then coves and creeks as the boat traffic picks up. My confidence baits in the summer time are a Pop-R, Fluke and Swimbait.

What do you consider a good 5 fish limit of largemouth bass on Lake Anna?

The lake is constantly putting out 20+ pound limits. I really enjoy fishing the Sunday morning series out of Fish Tales at Anna Point. Sunday’s seem to always be a bit tougher. 12 to 15 pounds is a nice bag and will get you paid on Sunday’s.

Fall can mean very hungry largemouth in the Mid-Atlantic. What is fall Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing like?

I enjoy fishing in the fall. I seem to do best following the shad around. Fall and winter fishing is the best in my opinion. It’s nothing like getting on a good school of bass. Usually Stripers and Hybrids are around too! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy catching those as well.

What largemouth baits do you have tied on for the fall on Anna?

Swimbaits are hard to beat in the fall. I’ll usually have at least 4 different swimbaits on the deck. I use a few different swimbaits but my favorite is the Megabass Spark Shad. I use 3”,4” and 5”.

I usually try to match the hatch with color unless the water is stained. Then I’ll throw white or chartreuse. The cool thing about swimbaits is you can slow them down and work them like a jig if the bite is tough. You also need to watch your fish finder in the fall. Nothing like vertical jigging fish up.

Overall, what are 5 pieces of advice that you have for anyone Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing for the first time?

1. Study your Navionics map before you go out. Look for areas that you think will be productive for that time of the year. I feel that is super important because it’s a big lake. Look at the map and get a game plan.

2. Stay positive. Lake Anna largemouth bass fishing can be extremely tough but very rewarding when you figure out a pattern and put together a nice bag.

3. If you’re fishing in the fall/winter, follow the Seagulls around. It can be magical when fish come up and start busting.

4. Make sure you eat lunch or dinner at Tim’s Restaurant on the north Anna. Their fish tacos are amazing.

5. I also recommend that you launch at Anna Point Marina. Chris, Dave and Scott and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They will also be glad to give you advise on where and what to use.

Tony and His Daughter Having a Great Lake Anna Day

Tony and His Daughter Having a Great Day on Lake Anna

I see you take a very special fishing partner, your daughter, with you on some of your trips to Anna. What are the keys to being successful on the lake when fishing with kids?

I love fishing with my daughter. I feel the key to being successful with her is to keep her occupied. She loves fishing fast. I’ll usually put on a small swimbait for her.

If the fish are relating to the bottom I’ll rig up a drop shot with a small swim bait on it. That’s because I know it will never sit still…lol! Anytime I take kids out with me, I do what I can to keep them catching fish. Flukes and small swimbaits are usually my go-to for them.

Who are your current sponsors/pro staff companies?

I’m currently on Denali Rods Pro Staff. I feel very blessed to be a part of their team. I honestly feel they have some of the best rods on the market. A high quality rod can be the difference in feeling that bite that wins you the tournament.

They also give me a great deal on Shimano reels. So if you’re looking for an awesome rod, look them up!

Awesome information Tony! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the results of your 2018 season on Instagram @tony_barrix_fishing.