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Kyle Schmidt New York Fishing

Kyle Schmidt (pictured on the left) is a new father and outstanding bass fisherman. In this interview, we get to know Kyle and two of his favorite New York lakes for smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Congrats on the birth of your beautiful son. How soon until he has a rod in his hand?

I want to have my son fishing by at least 3 to 4 years old like when my dad starting teaching me. I would like to teach him how hard work is the key to life just like putting in the work to catch your fish. You must be driven and dedicated.

Is that your dad who you fish with? What has it meant to fish with him both for fun and in tournaments?

It is my dad I fish with. He has been my biggest mentor and supporter out there. Winning and fishing with him has lead to so many memories and stories that it is absolutely priceless.

What do you consider your best tournament for Team Schmidt?

The best tournament for Team Schmidt would be the night we caught 18 pounds of bass on a local lake. The reason it was such a good night was because we used our knowledge of the lake to go to a spot everyone had overlooked. It held big bass that we capitalized on. All of our friends and competitors were happy for us considering the next biggest bag was merely 12 pounds.

What is your favorite New York largemouth bass lake to fish?

My favorite New York largemouth bass lake is called Sackett Lake. I love it because it has monster largemouth and is an all around versatile fishery where you can catch them deep, in weeds, rocky ledges, etc.

What are you favorite baits and techniques to fish for laregmouth?

My favorite techniques for largemouth is flipping, spinnerbaits, and topwater. The key to success is knowing what to flip such as structure based on water temp, weather conditions and the body of water itself. Spinnerbaits are a great bait to trigger that reaction strike And topwater is the greatest way to cover thick structure rather then punching.

What is your favorite New York place to fish for smallmouth bass?

My favorite smallmouth water is Oneida lake. It is one of the only bigger bodies of water I’ve fished but I’ve caught smallmouth in so many varieties of ways using techniques not common in my local waters. Smallmouth bass are pound for pound the trickiest to land in my personal opinion.

What are you favorite baits and techniques to fish for smallmouth bass?

My favorite techniques for smallmouth are Alabama rig, dropshot and topwater walk the dog baits. The Alabama rig is like a buffet for smallmouth and they crush it. Dropshotting is also great because you put it right in front of them and jig them. And I love the tenacity of the topwater walk the dog baits because the smallmouth hit them like missiles. It is so fun to watch and catch them like that.

Who are your current sponsors?

My sponsors are Xzone Lures, Rod Gloves, Amphibia Eyegear, Favorite Rods, Bass Militia, Keepitreelfishing, Ardent Reels, Woo! Tungsten and Trapper Tackle. They each help me to become a better angler because my confidence and trust resides in all of them on and off the water. I can count on the products I have to be ready for tournament day and perform accordingly.

Thanks Kyle! Dock Talkers, follow Kyle’s continued fishing success along with some adorable baby pictures on Instagram @kschmidtfishing.

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