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Jerkbait Fishing Candlewood Lake

Jerkbait Fishing Candlewood Lake with David Miller

David Miller loves catching smallmouth bass and largemouth bass wherever he goes. But we focus today with him about jerkbait fishing Candlewood Lake. He gives us insight that anyone who wants to fish jerkbaits on Candlewood Lake or any similar body of water can certainly use.

How was your 2017 fishing season overall?

2017 overall was fun and a learning experience. Finished Connecticut Bass Nation trail in 23rd which qualified me for the 5th consecutive year for the State Classic, which I finished in 14th place.

How long have you been jerkbait fishing Candlewood Lake?

I have been fishing Candlewood for many years. Jerkbaits have been a staple for me pre and post spawn.

What makes the jerkbait fishing Candlewood Lake an effective technique?

It’s not always effective. The pattern can change at a moments notice. But when they are munching the jerkbait you can usually capitalize off bunched up schools fast.

What brandof jerkbait are you using on Candlewood?

I’m not to brand loyal with jerkbaits. Mainly Luck E Strike STX, Ima Flits, and Megabass Itos. They all have their own purpose.

Are you fishing your jerkbaits straight out of the package?

The STX I immediately dump all of the hard ware. I found a good combination of split rings and trebles I like, which keep it perfectly suspended in the water at the temperatures I fish it. The Itos and Imas have solid hardware. The only thing I do to them is remove the split ring off the line tie, as I prefer a small snap, Owner Hyper Snap size 2.

What sizes of jerkbait do you like for Candelwood?

90 up to a 120. It all depends on what I’m imitating. If I’m imitating Perch I can go bigger, especially if I target Largemouth. 120 is the max.

How much does color make a difference when jerkbait fishing Candlewood?

I keep it simple, flashy chromes on windy days. Translucent colors on overcast days with light chop. And solid colors like pearl white or pearl and chartreuse when the water is stained.

What is your set up for jerkbait fishing Candlewood Lake?

Dobyns Champion 684CB for 90-110 size baits. 685CB for the 120 and deeper diving baits. Both rods are outfitted with the new Daiwa Tatula SV in 6:1 and are spooled up with 10lb Sunline Assassin.

Is the jerkbait a bait that can work all year round on Candlewood?

I primarily fish it there pre and post spawn. I try to throw it as much as I can, but it all depends on the conditions and how pressured the bass are. Keeping the color selection simple, down to 3 or 4 paint schemes, you can match the forage easily. Soft jerkbaits on the other hand are more of a year round bait there.

On Candlewood Lake, do you view the jerkbait as only a smallmouth bait or is it just as effective on largemouth as well?

Yes, I use it for both species. I just use it in different areas depending on the spawning locations for either.

Who are your current sponsors?

Dobyns Rods and their CB models have helped me tremendously with jerkbaits. A lot of anglers prefer a traditional medium fast to work the bait. For me, I have lost too many fish with that taper. The parabolic bend in the CB rods, which I use the graphite versions, not only work the bait properly but they also help in keeping the fish pinned. The extra flex doesn’t let the small trebles pop out as easily.

Outside of jerkbaits, Siebert Outdoors Jigs for pitching and skipping docks, Woo! Tungsten weights for drop shot and flipping, and Berkley Soft Plastic Baits. The Bottom Hopper has been my favorite worm for 3 years now.

David is on Instagram @dam0007bass. You can also read his first interview with us here.

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