New Jersey Bass Anglers

Interview with Livingston Lures’ David Snedeker

I recently learned that New Jersey fisherman David Snedeker is sponsored by Livingston Lures. I have been intrigued by this company for some time and took the opportunity to ask David about their baits as well as his tournament and New Jersey fishing. Read on to learn more about David and his fishing.

You were suggested for the interview by your sponsor Livingston Lures. What is unique about this company from your perspective? And what are your favorite lures to throw out of their lineup?

Everything! Everything is unique about Livingston lures from the EBS sound technology and their commitment to innovation, to their approach with the pro staff Team and great customer service. From day 1, I have been treated like family by Robert, Erick, Kendell and Nick, all are Ace’s!

My favorite baits for warm waters are the Walk-n-Pop 67, and the Primetyme CB 2.0 & 1.5.

For colder water I go to the Pro Ripper, and the Jerkmaster 121 and Stickmaster jerkbaits

You are a Jersey guy, who got you into fishing?

My Dad got me into fishing very young, we lived right down the street from a lake and would fish a lot and do canoe trips. Those times and fishing have always stayed with me.

What are your top 5 favorite New Jersey waters to fish?

My top 5 N.J. lakes have a very common theme, Smallies! Love fishing for Smallies so here you go:

1. Union Lake, It’s my closest decent smallie lake with good largemouth too.
2. Round Valley Reservoir, Good smallie numbers plus big largemouth and trout including huge lake trout.
3. Lake Hopatcong, probably the best N.J. lake but the recreational boat traffic can make it tough at times.
4. Manasquan Reservior, it’s a great fishery with loads of wood to flip.
5. Delaware River, 7 foot tidal swing makes it brutal tough and I still have a lot to learn, but I like the challenge.

dave-s-01I know that you have fished Oneida in New York. You had a great first day and then slipped a bit on a day 2 but still finished in the top ten. What was your overall approach to fishing this famous bass lake in July?

Oneida Lake is an awesome fishery, however it was fishing tough when the N.J. Bass Nation had our tournament there this year. I fished as a co-angler this year for financial reasons and it was an adjustment for certain. I didn’t have the opportunity to prefish do to work conflicts. On day 1 we fished areas that my strengths worked well and day 2 conditions and areas changed and I didn’t make the necessary adjustments. My approach was to fish my strengths, going in I had my reaction baits, Pro Ripper, CB 1.5, spinnerbait and then slow it down with a jig and drop shot when needed.

What were other highlights of your 2016 tournament season?

I finished the 2016 NJ Bass Nation season in the top 10, but fell short of the goals I had set for myself. I learned a lot and got to share the water with some great guys who are all sticks! The highlights for me was the events on Oneida and Candlewood lake, both are fish factories and I had decent finishes there.

You do a number of things to involve kids in fishing. Why is it important to you to promote fishing to children? What have been some of the best ways that you have found to gets kids interested?

I believe that the youth is our future and I grew up in a time where we spent a lot of time outdoors doing things. I feel it is very important for kids to get outdoors and experience nature and all it’s wonders, get them away from the computers, social media, and video games. Let them find a positive hobby outdoors in real life and make their own great memories, not game or simulation.

I’ve found that for me the best way I have to help kids with this is to help out at outdoors shows with kids casting zones or kids tournaments. It’s amazing watching a kid learn how to cast or catching their first fish! We are fortunate here in N.J. we have some great Elite Pro’s that give back to the kids by holding and hosting kids tournaments, like Mike Iaconelli with the Ike Foundation and Adrian Avena with the Annual Charity Youth Derby or the NJ Bass Nation casting zones. I try to help out however I can with anything that benefits kids. Take A Kid Fishing!

Tell us about the rest of your sponsor and what you like about representing each of them?

I am lucky to have the sponsor’s I have and I stand behind each one of them. They are products and businesses I have used for years and did before I was fortunate enough to get on their teams. From my favorite local diner to the best rods, reels, baits and apparel on the market. Livingston Lures, Phily Diner & Sports Bar, Denali Rods, PowerTeam Lures, Quantum Reels, Venom Lures, the Rod Glove, the Fishing Flea Market, Apollo’s Shield, and Team RAHF.

Thank you David! Great info about fishing New Jersey, Lake Oneida and Livingston Lures. All of us can follow David through Twitter.