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Interview with Get Reel Bass Fishing’s Paulie Martin

Paulie Martin is a New Yorker who loves fishing and has an extremely successful YouTube channel. He has a lot of creative ideas and really does a quality job putting his stuff together. This shows in the fact that he has been able to gain over 4000 subscribers which is quite impressive. Paulie takes us through his fishing and video making filling us in on how he goes about producing these great fishing videos.

When did you start fishing? And what are your first memories of fishing?

I started fishing young as a little boy with my dad. I would go looking for some worms in the backyard and my dad would get killies for bait. My dad would take off of work and we would go out in the canoe and attempt to catch fish. He would usually catch the bigger fish of the trip. Around 2009 I got introduced to using lures for catching bass. I caught my first bass on a lure in the lake that I make most of my videos.

What got you started conducting videos? What were your original goals for doing the YouTube channel?

I used to make videos about my pets and I would go out looking for snakes, frogs, salamander, etc, and filmed a lot of nature when I was a kid. I wanted to be like Steve Irwin. But around 2011, I got the idea of making a fishing show. This was in 2011. Me and Jon B were pretty much even in subscribers for a couple of years. I thought about it at a young age, most people take a picture of the fish they caught, but what if I got the whole experience on film, so we could relive it whenever we wanted. Also, fishing for a living was a would be nice, me and my co-host thought the same way in that aspect.

What is the most challenging part of doing the videos?

The most challenging part of doing videos would have to be making sure you keep the video entertaining and get as many shots as possible. It’s better to have to many clips too work with then not to have enough. Keeping a video entertaining when you’re not catching the amount of fish you hoped for is definitely the most challenging.

You have an impressive # of subscribers. What has been your strategy to growing the channel?

My strategy for growing is to put out content that you, yourself, would want to watch. Making sure it’s fun and engaging. Also, interacting with the people you have already is always key. Why post videos for people you’re not going to ever acknowledge. I feel that if someones interacts with me, they deserve me interacting with them back.  It’s the least I can do thank them for thinking I’m cool…haha.

What are the most rewarding aspects of doing the shows?

I love hearing back about my viewers recent catches, how they caught their new PB, or how they caught so many fish. It’s cool for me. The best is interacting with the viewers in public when they actually meet me, in person. They have such big smiles. It makes me feel good that I get to put smiles on peoples faces.

Where do you come up with your ideas? Love the one where you fished with the Disney Frozen rod.

I often think of new ideas that will be fun to do. My girlfriend, parents, and best friends are always giving me new ideas. I receive a lot of texts that start with, “this would make a cool video…” and a bunch of my conversations that either I start or my best friends start, start with “I have an idea for a cool video…” I guess what I am trying to say is that they come out of nowhere.

What are your 3 favorite shows that you have done and why are they your favorites?

Ice Fishing Rod Challenge (one of my most recent videos) – It was crazy fun! I did not expect to catch the amount of fish that I caught, plus the size fish that we caught. We both caught big bass on small Ice Fishing rods. Casting ice fishing rods. It was just a crazy days.

Disney Rod Challenge – Same thing goes for this challenge. I didn’t expect to catch big bass on a small rod. It seems as if I can only catch big bass on small 2 foot rods…….You’ll see me one day competing in the Bassmaster Classic using nothing but 2 foot rods.

ICAST vlogs – I got to meet all the guys I’ve been talking to for the previous months. I got to meet some of the larger guys on YouTube as well, and created great friendships with a lot of people. The YouTube community is like one big fishing family. It’s pretty great.

When shooting, what are your favorite freshwater locations to fish?

Artist Lake. It continues to produce great videos for me. I know for a fact that if I go to shoot a video at Artist Lake, I will catcha fish. Everything works there, and its only a few acres big. I can shoot so many different videos there, froggin videos, senkos, lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, etc…you name it. Plus, it’s not too far from where I live, which means I’m not wasting too much gas if I get skunked.

What was your experience like at iCast this year?

ICAST this year was fantastic. I went with Lucky Tackle Box and they treated me very well. I had a blast. I got to hang with a bunch of YouTubers and build great relationships with them. I met a bunch of pros, ate with a bunch of pros, met with a bunch of huge companies, and got to go fishing in Florida for the first time..and caught my first Florida bass. ICAST was overwhelming too. The vendor area was over 2 million square feet. There was no way that I would be able to talk to everyone. But, it was so great, I can’t wait to go back next year!

Thank you Paulie for the interview. I wish you great success in the continued growth of your YouTube channel. To check out Paulie on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, click on the links below: