Connecticut Bass Anglers

Interview with Connecticut Angler Maximillian Mikunda

The more I do this blog, the more I learn how many fantastic anglers reside in Connecticut. Maximillian Mikunda is one of those fisherman. His Instagram shows the evidence of this and we had the chance to discuss his bass fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth bass. We also discuss his sponsor, a company that I had never heard of, Eurotackle. Sounds like this company offers some really cool products. Read on to learn more about Maximillian and Eurotackle.

You did something recently that I am not sure I ever saw before. You and your fishing partner had a double hook up with a brown trout and a smallmouth. How did that come about?

So this actually happened when I visited him in Maine. He is originally fromax-m-01m Connecticut and I went to visit him after I test drove a boat there. We fished a body of water called Middle Range and were primarily fishing for largemouth and smallmouth. Well we found one area that he marked a ton of fish on so he dropped his blade bait down and hooks into a trout.

While he is fighting it I look over and about 20 yards away I saw a school of smallies busting at the surface. I cast to them and the action stopped.  So I left my Whopper Plopper in the water and just started watching him try to land the trout until my lure got blown up on and we both ended up landing our fish at the same time.

One of the reasons I wanted to interview is you was that every pic of you has a smile. Whether you are fishing, working, or hanging out with friends, you are smiling. Do you have a positive approach to life or are your faking it for the camera? How does that positive approach help you as an angler?

I try to remain positive for the most part, it just makes life easier. Usually when there is a picture taken of me that I post on Instagram I’m pretty happy at that moment, I mean when you’re fishing…its tough to be upset about anything really right?. Its also a part of my career, as a realtor you can’t walk around with a frown on your face and expect people to want to work with you. So in the end, its a mix of both I suppose.

What is a day on the boat like with you?

A lot of laughs…lol…if you ask any of my friends, I’m sure they would say the same thing

Being from Connecticut, what are your favorite waters to fish?

Connecticut is a really small state so most of our lakes have a ton of pressure. Its really tough to pick a “favorite” because they can all be stingy or amazing. I guess I would choose Upper Moodus Reservoir because that’s really where fishing all began for me. I’ve probably logged more hours there than any lake.

Gardner is a close second only because its just so fun to fish, you can go there and expect to catch a ton of keepers even if they aren’t giants.

Third place would probably go to Red Cedar Lake, its a car top only launch but its a nice place to unwind and fun fish for some big bass.

Another recent catch I saw was a huge Connecticut largemouth at 6 pounds plus. What is the fish story behind that one?

Yup! She was beautiful. That was my first time ever fishing Beach Pond and me and my friend Matt Marinelli decided to go fish it and get to know the lake 2 weeks before a tournament. We didn’t get a single bite until about 10:30 AM, I pitched my chatterbait to the shoreline and was reeling it in over some decent sized rocks in about 6 to 8 feet of water when i felt the bass inhale it. The rod loaded up instantly but the fish was so sluggish from the recent cold weather it pretty much floated to the boat where my buddy Matt lipped her and pulled her aside.

At the time it was sunny with a slight breeze picking up. Air temp was in the low 40s and the water was in the high 50s. That was only 1 of 3 largemouth bass we caught that day. In the tournament, we only caught 1 fish and got 4th place. Winners caught only two fish.

How about beyond Connecticut, what are some of your favorite waters to fish?

Outside of Connecticut, I would say my three favorite waters to fish would be: 1. Great Pond, Maine 2. Mahopac Lake, NY 3. Damariscotta lake, Maine. Great pond is awesome because there is so much variety there, you can go from catching smallmouth to largemouth to pike all in one day. The bed fishing there was also awesome and the average size of the fish is pretty big. Mahopac and Damariscotta are both lakes where you can fish your style and favorite baits and expect huge numbers. Its nice to be able to go somewhere and throw whatever you want to catch fish on that day and actually catch fish. Thats rare in Connecticut.

What are three of your fishing highlights from 2016?

I didn’t do as much fishing in 2016 as I’d like but my highlights would be #1 The 6lb bass from Beach pond #2 Test driving a new boat and setting myself up to buy something nice and #3 Starting a bass club with some of my closest fishing friends.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, how good is PBR after a long day of fishing?

As far as beer then 10 on a tournament day. I love drinking beer after a long tournament day. If I had to rank PBR out of all the beer I like then I’d say its a 6/10. I prefer IPA’s, Budweiser, and some hard liquor…lol. I’ll drink anything though

max-m-03You are on the pro staff for Eurotackle. How did that come about? And what are your favorite products from their lineup?

One of my really good friends Benoit Vnh actually owns the company. I remember him reaching out to me through my now defunct Facebook page called Fishing in Connecticut. He was visiting the US for the first time and started asking me some basic questions about fishing. Fast forward 4 to 5 years and he lives in Connecticut now and is quite the tournament angler himself. He is actually the treasurer of the bass club we started and we fish together quite often.

Eurotackle’s tungsten products are top notch and extremely affordable but my favorite product is the tungsten flipping jig. I’m super picky on jigs…they are my favorite lure of all time…so I’m skeptical when I try new ones but these things are unbelievable. They have a smaller profile which is amazing on pressured lakes and clear water up here and the hooks are insanely sharp and don’t rust. I have probably put more bass in the boat using these jigs than any other brand.

Like I said Maximillian is another example of a really good Connecticut angler. Keep up with Maximillian on Instagram.