Ontario Bass Anglers

Interview with Ontario’s Adam Di Santo

Adam Di Santo is the self-described Senko Slayer. So we spent some time discussing Senkos along with Ontario and Florida bass fishing with Adam. Here is what we learned.

I was going to start with asking you about your Senko fishing but I see a lot of frogs in your most recent photos. What are your favorite frogs to throw? And what is your rod/reel/line outfit that you are throwing them on?

My favourite brand of frogs to throw are Spro and Live Target for sure. I dont pay to much attention to overall colour as much as the belly colour. White and/or black is all you need. My frog set up is a 6’9 MH Abu Garcia Veritas and Daiwa Tatula 100HL, 6:3:1, spooled with 50lbs Stren braid. My rod could be longer but that is most comfortable for me.

You describe yourself as a Senko slayer. What makes the Senko a go to bait for you?

The Senko is a go to bait of mine simply because it is a fish catcher. For whatever reason the fish love the action and appearance of a Senko. Any bait you can throw with confidence is a go to bait, and the Senko has proven itself time and time again.

What is your favorite method to fish the Senko? And what rod/reel/line outfit do you prefer to throw a Senko?

My favourite method to throw a Senko is probably a weightless wacky rig, assuming the weed growth isn’t too thick, followed very closely by a simple texas rig. If I’m throwing the wacky rig I will be throwing it on a 7ft Medium action Rapala Mantra spinning rod and Mitchell Mag-Pro reel spooled with 12-15lbs fluorocarbon. If I’m throwing the texas rig I will have it on a 6’9 MH Abu Garcia Veritas and Daiwa Tatula CT, 7:1:1, spooled with 30lbs Stren braid with a pegged weight, anywhere from 1/8oz to 3/8 for normal uses.

adam-d-02I just bought my first Veritas baitcasting rod. What is your review of this series of rods?

I have nothing but good things to say about the Veritas casting rod, you will love it. I find them stiffer than most other brands which I like and great sensitivity in the rod. For the price it is an amazing rod and I would highly recommend it to anyone, I have a couple and would buy another. The stiffness is a great fit especially for my frog rod because the MH almost feels as stiff as a Heavy rod from some other manufacturers. Final words: best rod for the price by far and you will love it.

What are your favorite Ontario waters to fish and what makes them special to you?

My favourite waters to fish in Ontario are probably the Kawartha Lakes and some areas around Quinte. These are areas I grew up fishing so there is always going to be something special there. They hold some great fish too. I enjoy looking for shore spots as well and fishing some great ponds that I have come across with friends. What makes the ponds special is the constant improvement of my skills as an angler and being able to practice new lures and techniques more often considering I don’t own a boat. At the end of the day though, my favourite waters are simply the ones with bass in them! There is nothing like a day out on the water with some buddies.

This year you were in South Florida. Where did you fish and how did you do?

I was in South Florida this past February and April for a week each and I fished and stayed in Ft Myers at my dads condo as he stays there during the winter months. I fished ponds in the community as well as some other close by spots I found using Google Maps. In terms of numbers I was successful in catching a lot of fish both times I went this year but unfortunately no monsters. My largest of the trip being 4lbs. I have caught a couple of 6 pounders in those ponds in previous years though.

adam-d-03Looks like you were shore fishing in Florida. How did you approach knowing that there were probably alligators near by?

The alligators are present but aren’t really a factor. I mean they cross your mind but lets be real… They aren’t stopping me from catching a Florida bass, as a Canadian we don’t get to fish for bass in February very often. You just need to be alert when fishing and just try not to stand to close to the waters edge. I also didn’t do any night fishing for that simple fact of not being able to see any predators. You honestly need to be more careful for poisonous snakes when releasing the fish. As much as its nice to see your catch swim away slowly I try not to take too much time on my releases to prevent any potential snake or gator bites.

What is the BGS Brand that you represent?

BGS Brand is a clothing company that a couple of buddies of mine run which tailors to a lifestyle of fishing and activities on the water. Canadian made and run, just some gear to look good on the water.

Thank you for Adam for doing the interview. Love the review of Veritas rods and your description is holding true for my new rod. Good luck fishing whether in Ontario or Florida, and we will be following on Instagram.