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Inside the Mental Game of a Young Up-and-Coming Bass Pro Lucas Bogosian

I am not an tournament angler. I do not think it is in my makeup, and I am a bit old to get started. That said, I have so much respect for tournament anglers, particularly an admiration for their mental toughness. When I noticed Lucas Bogosian on Instagram, I could tell this young man was a confident dedicated young professional angler. So I focused this interview on the mental game of professional fishing and specifically for Lucas, the mental game from the perspective of a 21 year old trying to move forward in his professional fishing career. So whether you want to make a career out of fishing or are like me and have a ton of respect for those who do, I am confident you will enjoy learning about what gives Lucas that mental competitive edge.

When did you decide to commit yourself to professional fishing as you have? What goes into that decision?

I decided I wanted to fish for a living when I was 7 years old. I started saving money for a boat and truck fishing has always been my life it’s everything to me and always will be. I thank God every single day I get to pick up a rod.

There have to be doubts that creep in as to whether this is something you should spend so much time, energy and even money on. How do you deal with those moments of doubt?

To be honest there is no doubt in my mind. I am a very positive person. I love what I do and I would spend every last dime on this sport. There were times that I thought I would financially lose everything I had but I always thought positive and knew that the man upstairs had my back. I think being positive and just a down to earth guy got me to where I am today.

What has been your highest point as a pro angler?

The highest point of my whole career for me right now is when B’laster Corp called me on the phone and said they wanted to be my title sponsor. I will never forget where I was at that moment sitting in my dad’s office. I ran around the whole office…it was great to share that with my dad.

My sponsors are like family to me. I did have some really big finishes in ABA Division 10 which pretty much is the best local anglers in New Jersey. When I started doing amazing in the ABA consistently I decided it was time to fish the Opens. This year I will be fishing the Opens and the Costa Series.

What has been the lowest?

The lowest point in my career is hands down when my outboard caught on fire. In the middle of a Costa event my whole outboard gone into flames. Luckily I was near a dock on Lake Champlain and they helped me put it out. I honestly thought my career was in big big trouble being financially that I couldn’t afford another boat. Insurance picked it up and I bought myself an even better boat. Everything happens for a reason. God has been on my side my whole career.

You talk a lot about God having your back. How does your faith intersect with your professional fishing?

Growing up as kid I wasn’t your average kid. I never was into partying. I always was nice to everyone and God has truly paid it back to me. I am the type of person that will sit there and answer every single dm I get from my fans. I truly want the best for everyone. God has always been there my whole career. Whether it was my boat motor lighting on fire or overcoming people telling me it was impossible, and I was just some kid from Jersey.

You have a number of sponsors. What level of confidence does it take to approach companies and say “I’m the guy you want to represent your company”? 

In fishing or sponsorship, confidence means everything. Always have confidence. I work extremely hard for my sponsors, all the time doing whatever I can do to get their products out there. I guess you could say working hard is just a natural thing for me, but I’m the type of guy that practices on the water dusk until dawn and off the water doesn’t stop promoting my sponsors.

For anyone thinking about becoming a pro angler, what are the three mental  attributes that they need to get started?

Three mental things:

1. Don’t let losing a big fish get to you. Pick up your rod and keep swinging. I seen a lot of guys get so mentally affected by that they can’t finish the rest of the day.

2. Always think positive positive positive.

3. Always think how you can improve yourself on and off the water.

There is also a physical side to bass fishing.

1. Train your body to get ready to be beaten up by the rough water. I’ve seen guys break their backs. You can really get hurt so staying in shape is a big thing for me.

2. Stamina is a big part of it. I’m one of the few guys you will never see eat or even really drink on the water. I know it sounds bad but there’s nothing else I can think of than just wanting to catch 5 big bass…that’s all that’s on my mind

3. Your feet will hurt you if you’re not prepared…always always physically be ready for that.

Can you give us some detail on the people who have been most important in supporting you as a young professional angler?

My amazing family and friends. My mom and my dad have been more than supportive to me…and cousins. But I gotta tell you throughout my career there’s a few companies I wouldn’t be out there without, one being B’laster Corp. Also Applebee’s, Unette Corporation and LizardLeds…and many more. Those guys have had my back for a long time going on 5 years with the Unette Coproation and Applebee’s. I am 21 years of age.

Lastly, tell us about your sponsors and what you like about each of their products.

B’laster Corp – They have amazing products. Having blaster multi-purpose in my boat is a must have for me. It can stop your eyes on your rod from freezing. If your trolling motor is locked up, spray and it will free it up. B’laster truly makes amazing products. I keep all of them on me just in case something is rusted and locked up. I can hit with some B’laster lubricant and it will free it up.

LizardLeds – I love my Lizard LEDs. They are very bright and allow me to prepare tackle at night or on those dark days at the boat ramp, very helpful to being prepared and look awesome. Use coupon code bbogobaits for a discount.

VFX Wraps – VFX Wraps is a local wrap company here in NJ that does an amazing job wrapping pretty much anything and are great people like all my sponsors. They also wrapped Mike Iaconelli’s boat and truck.

Hi Seas Line – I have been sponsored by high seas for a long time now. It’s simply the only line I trust. Grand Slam Select I use on everything that I do not use fluorocarbon for. That stuff is super strong and handles amazing. I don’t trust any other line.

Frogg Toggs – They make the best rain gear there is. The Frogg Toggs pilot suit has kept me warm dry and even saved me from hypothermia at times. It’s truly an amazing suit. The last thing your mind should be on when it’s cold is how cold you are. Frogg Toggs has saved me many times and kept my mind on catching fish.

Ardent Outdoors – I’ve been with Ardent reels quite a while they’ve really helped me in my career. They have allowed me to work their shows and get my face out there. Their products are amazing. Lightest reel I’ve ever held. Best warranty and cast like no other reel on the market. My favorite reel from ardent is the Ardent Apex Elite.

Venom Lures – My favorite lure from Venom is Venom Lures Sweet Dreams and the Venom Lures Salty Sling. Being that my best style of fishing is flipping you will see me flip that Sweet Dreams all day. Those two lures helped me a ton. I have tons and tons of those in my boat. If you see me win a tournament, that’s pretty much what I’m doing most the time. I have so much confidence in those baits when the water is warm. Venom makes amazing soft Plastics and products.

Eco Pro Tungsten – Eco Pro Tungsten makes amazing dense tungsten weights that are extremely sensitive. I use them to peg my soft plastics.

ONOS Sunglasses – I love my ONOS sunglasses. They are extremely affordable and extremely high-quality. I can see straight through the water, and they look amazing. Use coupon code bogobaits.

Zeko Shoes – I love my Zeko Shoes. They are super comfortable and super lightweight. They don’t hold water. On those big lakes you are going to get wet. With Zeko shoes you will never have soggy feet.

Mercury Marine – I have told people a few times the only motor I will run is a Mercury. I simply don’t trust anything else, extremely reliable and the fastest motor on the water.

I think after reading this you will agree with me that Lucas has what it takes to continue moving up the ranks of professional fishing and landing at the highest level of competitive fishing. I will certainly be keeping track of his success on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Thank you Lucas giving us a glimpse into your mental game as well as learning more about your fantastic sponsors.