Virginia Bass Anglers

I Could Fish All Day Everyday and I’d Be Smiling All Day Everyday.

Fishing has provided so much joy over my life. I noticed when finding Ty Adams on Instagram that he gets the same joy out of fishing as I do. What I didn’t know before this interview was that Ty has not been fishing long and has only been fishing for a little over a year. Ty began fishing tournaments soon after he started fishing and has even fished with Pro David Walker twice in his short fishing journey. Pretty impressive, huh? Yeah, I thought so. What is even more impressive is Ty’s outlook on fishing. So keep reading and discover why Ty is always smiling.

Judging by your Instagram page, you are a versatile angler. What is your best bass fishing technique/method?

My favorite technique now is The drop shot. I’m trying my best to expand and become confident in different techniques but the drop shot once I learned it has been my go to.  I fish it all different ways so it is very versatile for me.  Before I even started going lighter and lighter line on my dropshot, I would throw everything including the kitchen sink at fish and nothing.  As soon as i picked up my spinning rod and drop shot I would get bit.  So I developed a lot of confidence.  95% of my tournament fish this season came on a drop shot.  Hoping to spread out percentages next season.

What is the one that you consider your least favorite?

Right now my least favorite is throwing a Carolina rig. Just because I haven’t done it enough to say I feel good about it or have confidence in it.  Definitely would love to work on it as I only hear good things about it and see it catches fish.

What are your home waters?

I grew up 2 minutes from Lake Anna out here in Spotsylvania Virginia but i never went fishing there or anywhere for that matter. I only started fishing when I turned 34, I’m 35 now. Since I’ve started I really enjoy fishing Lake Anna and since I grew up there I would consider it my home lake but I have a lot to learn about it and look forward to unlocking its secrets.

Congrats on the New Tracker. Can you give us a breakdown of your Tracker?

Thank you!  It is my first boat and I think it is fantastic. The size is great for me to learn and build my skills as a boater and angler. It has plenty of space for my tackle and storage and the 40hp mercury is enough for me right now. I have about 4 months of boating experience and learning and growing with my tracker has been fantastic. Its a 16 ft aluminum boat with 40hp 4 stroke mercury a 45lb thrust minn kota trolling motor and installed 2 humminbird helix 5s on it. It is the 2016 Tracker Pro 160 with trailer.

On your tournament fishing, how long have you been competitively fishing?

I started competitively bass fishing in June 2015. I started fishing also in 2015. I Started with a work tournament at my job at Geico and I loved it, then jumped right into BFL’s. 2016 has been my first full season of tournaments.

Its been few high’s and lots of low’s and tons of learning.  My favorite thing I would have to say is my first time out on Lake Anna fishing gin clear water. I got skunked. It was bad. I didnt catch anything. I went home upset and wondering if I even had what it takes to compete. I studied, researched and put time in to be ready for next and i ended up weighing in my highest weight total all season so that is definitely my favorite moment.

ty-a-02Most of us would love to spend a day on the boat with a great pro like David Walker. You had that chance. What were 5 lessons that you took away from fishing with David?

I have to credit him with a lot! He by far is one of the nicest and most helpful people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  He really taught me a lot and I learned a lot by just watching and listening. I’ve now had the pleasure of fishing with him twice. He pretty much showed me 75% of what I know about tournament bass fishing, so just 5 things would be tough.

Biggest 2 are patience and importance of locating fish. First tournament on Potomac we didn’t catch or for that matter see fish until almost 1 PM. Once he located fish, I have never in life seen someone just lock in and catch fish after fish after fish, it was incredible. I really credit him with a lot an am extremely thankful to him for working with me and his patience.  Again awesome guy and wish him much success the upcoming year in the Elites!

Professional fishing is certainly evolving. And one area where it is evolving, slowly, is the number of African-Americans in the sport. From your perspective, what areas do you think that pro  fishing from the top levels to the club levels needs to focus on to continue to make the sport more diverse than certainly has historically been and still is today?

I think in my opinion the biggest thing is people just don’t know. Majority of kids grow up wanting to play basketball or football and think fishing is for old guys or only when you want to fry fish to eat. If people knew you could make money and have a blast and possibly make a career out of doing something so amazing as catching fish I think more people would.  You would be surprised how many times when I say I catch and release and do tournament fishing people just walk away or say I’m crazy. They ask when they can come over for dinner because they think I fry the fish. I don’t know how to fry fish, I leave that to my sister’s husband. He can catch and cook fish and has really helped me a lot in my fishing journey. Don’t get me wrong fish fried, grilled, etc is one of my favorite, if not my favorite meal but it is just a thought process, which I understand. When I get a chance to explain more and tell them how much I enjoy fishing, how rewarding it is and something you can share with kids and family we usually have a different conversation which I enjoy.

I definitely think its expanding and hope it continues to grow even more. From pro and club level I think they do what they can, to fish competitively you really have to love fishing, 8 hours on the water, entry fees in the $100’s or $1000’s aren’t realistic for someone who only casually fishes. But joining a bass club and making new friends and talking fishing with someone other than your spouse who has heard your lost an 8lber at the boat story one to many times is great, so I always encourage others to join and go as far as you want to go. My club Battlefield Bass is pretty awesome!  Also a lot of schools don’t even have fishing teams or talk or know about fishing.  I think if added to more schools it could present another avenue for college and career options.

ty-a-04I love the photo of your daughter with her pink tackle box, blanket and the go pro. How much do you love the times fishing with your kids?

I absolutely enjoy and look forward to it. Her blanket goes everywhere. I’m pretty sure shes landed fish while holding her blanket and trying to suck her thumb. That is my little princess. I try now not to push it on my kids and kinda let them let me know when and if they want to go. They are really busy with sports and school but whenever I get a moment to take them out it is fantastic. The smile on their face when they reel in a fish no matter the size is like no other! Plus I know its something I have taught them, a skill they can always have. I encourage everyone to fish and take kids fishing. Just plan it out so everyone can enjoy.

It seems like throughout your Instagram photos, you are always wearing a smile. Why does fishing bring you joy?

That is a really good question. I think its mainly because fishing is something I was not taught how to do ever. So as a 34 year old married man with 3 kids, a full time job, a part time job and a accomplished musician trying to pickup a brand new skill I knew it would be tough just from a time standpoint and I don’t like to lose or not be able to do something.  So every time I hit the water and land a fish, or help my kids or friends land a fish, I’m just super excited to have learned and worked hard to learn and I am looking forward to learning more. Plus I’m just relaxed, I enjoy just being outside and on the water.  Add the boat and catching fish…I could fish all day everyday and I’d be smiling all day everyday.

Are you sponsored by anyone?

Not sponsored by anyone as of yet but I have partners. My sister and brother both have companies, Nest Realty and Free Voyage photography, and my kids soccer club Fredericksburg Football Club. My goal is to help my entire family achieve our goals as I achieve success in my fishing journey. I have set pretty high goals and am determined to achieve them. As I achieve success the people who are rocking with me, we will win together. Sponsors will come, my main goal is to work hard and show I’m worth taking a chance on.

Ty, with that kind of perspective, I predict much success coming your way not only in fishing but in all of life. Welcome to fishing and thanks for bringing that great smile with you!

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