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Today We Go Fish with Dan Kenney

Dan Kenney Fishing Interview

Dan Kenney is the host of a great fishing show on Television and YouTube, Go Fish with Dan Kenney. Dan is a Massachusetts native who has fished all over the Northeast. There were many places I could have interviewed him about, but I noticed he had a soft spot for Maine’s Cobbosseecontee Lake. Dan was more than willing to share his insight about this fantastic bass fishery.

How long have you been fishing Lake Cobbosseecontee and what are your favorite times of the year to fish it?

Have been fishing Cobbee for the past 17 years. Usually in Spring, Summer and Fall.

I live about 4 hours away. So, I’m only able to get on it a couple times in the Spring, Summer and the Fall season. Most years, I get a total of 7 to 8 days on the lake. Springtime fishing is my fav.

Describe Cobbosseecontee Lake from a fishing perspective?

Huge lake with a thousand productive areas. You can fish stump fields, boulders, laydowns, ledges, vegetation, rock & gravel flats, river, islands, coves and deep water. Point being if something isn’t working, you can find an area that is producing.

How do you compare it to some of the other great places that you have had a chance to fish on your show?

Honestly it is right up there in the top 10 lakes I’ve fished. For producing quality fish time and time again, it is comparable to Champlain, St. Clair, Mils Lac, Erie. There is a reason BASSMASTER always has it listed in the top 100 lakes in the country.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult, how do you rate the Lake’s bass fishing?

3. It is fishing after all. MOST days you can have a pretty successful outing.

What are your favorite methods to target the smallmouth and largemouth on the Lake?

Dan with a Beautiful Smallmouth Bass

Dan with a Beautiful Smallmouth

Very good, healthy population of both species. Smallies with tubes, jigs, creature baits, dropshots. For largies, I usually target them in the evening bite with spinnerbaits, topwater hard or soft moving baits. Anything with flappers that causes water displacement. And of course the stickbait like YUM Dinger or Senko will never let you down.

For those who have never been to the lake, what are 5 must know things about fishing the lake before they spend a summer day on the water?

1. Its Big so get familiar with your surroundings. It has a beautiful lighthouse.

2. It is well marked but depending on time of year there are some sketchy areas to the novice.

3. Pay attention to marker buoys and look for rocks off all island points.

4. There is GAS at the dock at Lakeside and a full retail shop for food, drink and baits/lures.

5. Thunderstorms in Maine are no joke, They can roll up quickly. Stay dialed in on the weather

You talk about how much you enjoy Lakeside Motel and Cabins. What is your review of their accommodations?

Comfortable and cozy. It is family owned and very well taken care of.

I’ve stayed in a lot of these type of places around the country. What sets them apart is the cleaning crew. Rooms are spotless and always have that spring fresh & clean vibe. A major plus for me with my allergies is NO MOLD! No trash on the property.

Why should visitors to Cobbosseecontee consider staying there? The family can enjoy so much more then just the boating and fishing. The location is close to so many retail, restaurant locations and a couple of golf courses in addition to the Augusta Mall.

Let me end with your great fishing show. I have been binge watching lately. How long have you been doing your Go Fish with Dan Kenney show?

I started in 2005 playing around with a mini DV tape camera, a desktop Dell and pinnacle editing software. Essentially I loved fishing and started doing this as a hobby and edited my first 25-30 shows. Not the greatest quality and a huge learning curve.

What episodes can we expect to see this fall and next year, 2018?

I have some from Upstate New York. Smallie, Muskie, Walleye, some New England Fresh and Saltwater species in store and some Florida fishing on both coasts. Then some Louisiana and Mississippi fishing.

Thank you Dan. I need to do a trip to Cobbosseecontee soon. Until then, I will be watching the Go Fish with Dan Kenney Show. Keep up the great work!