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Getting Dirty while Fishing: Interview with FilthyFisher

I had a chance to get to know briefly TJ, aka @FilthyFisher on Instagram. This Ontario fisherman likes to combine getting dirty with fishing. This makes for a great Instagram page.

Where does the handle FilthyFisher come from?

FilthyFisher came from a brand a buddy and I made, sell some clothing and decals (filthyfishers) we fish a lot of back lakes and our vehicles were always muddy.

How long have you been fishing and what got you started?

I’ve been fishing since I could walk. My father got me into it, it was our thing while I was growing up

What part of Ontario are you from and what do you consider your home waters? What do you like about fishing each of these home waters?

I’m from madoc/bancroft area. I would consider any waters within an hour radius home water. Huge variety of species within driving distance And many beautiful lakes

What is your favorite Ontario place to fish outside your home range?

Favourite waters away from home would be the Bay of Quinte and Trent River.

Favorite Ontario species to target?

Northern pike is my favourite fish to catch love how agressive they are. Second choice would be lake trout through the ice

You take some really great photography, especially some of your underwater shots. What camera are you using?

I use a gopro for under water shots. All other photos are taken with my Samsung phone.

Its almost hardwater season in Ontario. Where will we find you with your auger this winter?

You’ll find me on what ever lake freezes first…lol.

Sounds like TJ would be blast to go on a trip to a remote lake. You can follow him on Instagram to see where his next adventure is going to be. Also if you are from Ontario and love fishing, check out his Facebook group.