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Angler Profile Cory Campbell Ontario Bass Angler

In today’s Angler Profile, we talk to Ontario bass angler Cory Campbell. Cory shares with us about his favorite places to fish and his favorite techniques to use to catch big smallmouth and largemouth bass.

When did you start fishing? 

 I’ve been fishing recreationally for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are from my aunt and uncle’s trailer on Upper Buckhorn when I was super young. I used a worm and bobber catching anything that would bite! This memory is special to me because I believe it really set the foundation for the passion I have for the sport today.

I’ve been taking things a little more seriously for 4 or 5 years now. Started with gearing up for ice fishing trips, buying a boat, and joining a couple local bass clubs.

When did you start competitively fishing? 

4 or 5 years ago I decided to look in to some local bass clubs to get a taste of tournament fishing. I’ve always been a competitive guy playing sports all my life. Once I graduated from college, I lost that competition and found it again in bass fishing. 

What boat are you fishing out  of? 

1998 Javelin with a 115 Johnson. This a fiberglass bass boat which I like for its top end speed, ability to get into skinny water, and layout for bass fishing.

The cons would be it’s not exactly a family boat…lol. Hard to pack the family up in a bass boat. Also, my boats only an 18 footer so it doesn’t handle rough water very well. However, someday I’ll upgrade! 

Cory Campbell with Some Healthy Buckhorn Lake Largemouth Bass
Cory Campbell with Some Healthy Buckhorn Lake Largemouth Bass

What do you consider your favorite Kawartha largemouth body of water to fish? 

Probably the Tri-lakes at this point, which are Chemong, Buckhorn, and Pigeon. I love flipping deep weeds and these lakes have no shortage of deep weeds. It also helps that it’s a 5 minute drive from my house! 

Is flipping your favorite way to catch largemouth bass? 

Definitely. I love flipping a jig or Texas rigged craw around deep weed. For me it’s staying focused on your line as it drops. After a few flips you get the sense of how long it takes for your bait to fall to bottom. A lot of times a largie will pick up your jig before it hits bottom. So, watching your line and being prepared to set the hook at all times is crucial. 

What do you consider your favorite Kawartha smallmouth body of water to fish? 

Probably, Rice Lake. Although, Rice Lake and I have a love hate relationship. I’m still working on dialing it in. However, I’ve caught and seen a lot of quality smallmouth pulled out of there. The underwater structure on the lake and the large sand flats make this lake a special place for smallmouth. 

Cory with an Impressive Ontario Smallmouth Bass
Cory with an Impressive Ontario Smallmouth Bass

What is your favorite way to catch smallmouth on Rice Lake?

If I had to choose one, it would probably be a drop shot. Working it nice and slow is key. Using a really sensitive rod with light line also helps big time! 

How about outside the Kawartha region? What do you consider your favorite place to fish for bass? 

Paudash Lake may be my favourite lake for a few reasons.

  1. It has everything! Deep water, shallow water, weeds, rocks, sand, etc…
  2. It has BIG smallies!
  3. It has BIGGER largies!

What are your fishing goals? 

My fishing goals are pretty simple at this point.

  1. Learn as much as I possibly can from as many sources as possible.
  2. Develop my skills to the point where I can be competitive regularly in tournaments throughout Ontario.
  3. Share my fishing experiences with as many people as possible through both social media and out on the water!
  4. Develop partnerships with companies and businesses I believe in as my reach and abilities become valuable to potential partners. 

Thanks Cory. Will be following on Instagram @cx3fishing.