Ontario Bass Anglers

Get to Know Ontario’s Steve Jordan

We were able to catch up with Ontario angler Steve Jordan. Steve is an avid fisherman who pursues numerous species including bass, walleye, northern pike and muskie. Steve fills us in on where he fishes and who his favorite fishing partner is. He also provides some great perspective on fishing in this modern social media era.

Going to ask you about the species that are on your Instagram photos. What are your favorite bass waters?

The Kawarthas and Niagara Region. The reason they are my favorite is simply great memories and great fisheries. The Kawarthas offer so much great fish able water full of opportunity.

How about your favorite northern pike and muskie waters?

For Norther Pike, believe it or not, my best times have been on Lake Ontario. So many hidden holes and great spots to catch those toothy beasts. As far as Muskie, Lake st Clair all the way. The lake is full of ’em.

Saw an Instagram photo with the layout of your rods. What’s your go to rod?

My go to rod is my GLoomis NRX. Best most sensitive rod I have ever used.

You have a beautiful fishing partner. Who is she? And what about her makes her a great fishing partner?

That is my girl Jen. What makes her such a great partner is her love for the sport and the support she has shown me along the way. She makes fishing fun. She is awesome at bass fishing and I get just as happy when she catches as if I were to catch. Plus she makes sandwiches…haha. But all jokes aside she is an amazing partner in life and on the water. I’m stoked I get to share a passion with the woman I love.

What are your favorite jams on the way to your fishing destination?

A mix of country and metal. For the most part we drive about 3-4 hours. We wake up at 3 am and on the water for 6-7 am. I am a huge fan of the band Dream Theater. A mix of rock and melody totally gets me pumped.

What was your most memorable fishing day so far in 2016? What happened to make it a great day?

The most memorable day this year so far has been the day Jen and I took a trip to Rice Lake. It was a pretty standard fishing day but Jen caught her first walleye and I saw the spark and excitement in her eye that just made me so happy. Also another day off shore fishing for pike and BOOM out of the blue a beast just jumped on it.

Any final thoughts?

One last comment for the people out there…. Fishing isn’t a competition. It’s not about the likes on Facebook or Instagram. It’s not about being better than someone else. It’s about having a great time on the water and making memories. Being on the water first thing in the morning watching the sun rise is magical. That’s what’s it’s about! Oh and a bent rod…lol.

Thank you Steve for that perspective. Really good stuff! To follow Steve’s fishing success, check him out on Instagram.