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Get to Know Ontario Fisherman Mike Puusa

We love to get to know other anglers. I had the opportunity recently to email back and forth with Mike Puusa. Mike is an Ontario angler, specifically fishing in Central Ontario. This area has a lot of great mulit-species fishing and Mike filled us in some of his perspective on fishing this area of the Province.

I am impressed by your multi-species big fish pics. I want to ask you about several. What are your favorite bass waters? 

Central Ontario has mostly natural lakes. Most lakes hold both Smallmouth and Largemouth. Most of the lakes that I fish are Oligotrophic. Meaning that they are typically deep cold and clear with little weed growth. Typically these lakes support better smallmouth habitat, but can also support healthy largemouth populations. When fishing these types of lakes I like to target small isolated weed and pad beds as well as fallen wood for Largemouth.

You seem to a big fan of jig fishing. What are your favorite jigs and trailers?

Catching largemouth on jigs is my favorite way to catch them. My favorite jig is a small local company in Toronto called Punisher jigs. Typically black/blue , brown and green pumpkin. Zoom Super Salty Chunks are my go to. Although if the fish are aggressive , I like Chigger Chunks for more vibration.

What are your favorite northern pike waters?

Same as my favorite bass waters, cold deep Central Ontario lakes. Lake Ontario is also a favorite. Toronto Harbor supports a very healthy and under utilized pike fishery. Plus the season is only closed for 1 month out of the year.

What is your favorite way to fish for pike?

Most times I am fishing for pike when the water temps are very cold. My favorite way to catch pike is without a doubt a jerkbait. You can fish them fast or slow. I like to start out moving the bait really quick to gauge the mood of the fish. After that, I will slow down and really let the bait sit for long periods. Usually the fish strike on the pause. Husky Jerks and Smithwick Rogues for colder water and inactive fish. I like some of the more expensive jerkbaits like Lucky Craft and Megabass for very active fish and warmer water.

mike-p-02You have a young fishing partner. Who is he? And what are the best parts of having him fish with you?

My son. He is now 10 years old. He loves to bass fish with Senkos and trout fish after trout opener in southern Ontario. He is very enthusiastic. For a 10 year old he is very patient, a good listener.

What life lessons do you hope he learns through fishing?

I hope that he will develop an appreciation for the outdoors. Develop patience and an understanding of as many fishing techniques as possible.

What are your fishing goals for 2017?

Typically I don’t set fishing related goals. I guess to catch as many largemouth over 6 pounds as possible. Pike over 20…lol.

Well, Mike I hope there are many 6 pounders and trophy pike in 2017. I thank you for teaching lessons to your son through the outdoors. Those are memories he will never forget.

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