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Get to Know Ontario Angler Cara Carmichael

cara carmichael with a largemouth bass

Cara Carmichael is a fantastic Ontario angler who consistently posts great catches on all of her social media. In her young fishing career, she is also making quite a splash in competitive fishing. She is an instructor for Ontario Women Anglers, a very impressive organization sharing the passion of the sport. And she has spent time fishing with the legendary Bob Izumi. As you can see, we had a lot to discuss in this interview. So join me in getting to know Cara.

You clearly love fishing. Where did this love for fishing come from?

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, growing up with two uncles that are in the competitive bass fishing series. It was around the time I was 6 years of age when my uncle put a casting reel into my hand for the first time; a few rat’s nests later, an addiction had set in! I have been very fortunate to have great coaching and that had enabled me to follow in their footsteps and began competing in tournaments.

When did you make the transition from recreational to tournament angler?

When I was young I did a few fun tournaments and fished the Canadian Open a few years back as a Co Angler. Upon purchasing a Ranger boat of my own, I then was enabled to begin competitive fishing as a boater.

What do you enjoy about competitive fishing?

It becomes competitive because you spend a great amount of time on learning the patterns and ecosystems of the fish, and once you find a pattern you hope they are there when it comes to tournament time. My uncles only ever took a photo with the fish they caught. I remember watching them catch monster bass and just wanting to hold it for a photo. So it became routine to fish as hard as I could so it would be me holding that fish.

You are an instructor for a fishing day for Ontario Women Anglers. Why is it important to give of your time to this organization?

I am an instructor for Ontario Women Anglers. Teaching the fundamentals of fishing to people has always been a passion of mine. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for this oppurtunity given to me by Yvonne Brown, the founder of this organization. Ontario Women Anglers is a composition of experienced anglers who help teach the core fundamentals of recreational and sport fishing to inexperienced women.

I believe it is important to educate about the industry so people can understand and enjoy the sport more thoroughly. In these courses, they will learn some of the following: how to tie a variety of fishing knots, different techniques of bass fishing, types of line, how to properly hold and release a fish and fish identification.

What is your proudest fishing moment? That moment where you said “this is why I fish”.

A lot of my memorable moments are when I look beside me and see the person I am fishing with hook into a fish and I get to see the excitement on their faces. But I would have to say my favourite is being on the water watching sunrise or sunsets on a calm day.

What do you consider your favorite Ontario waters to fish?

My favourite bodies of water would be the lakes and rivers that are close to home. Just because I know them quite well. Some of my favourites would be White Lake, Mississippi, Ottawa River or Muskrat Lake. Lake Ontario I have had the opportunity to fish and it is an incredible body of water.

You have fished with Canadian fishing legend Bob Izumi, an angler I have long admired. What is it like to fish with Bob?

Yes, Bob Izumi is a Canadian legend for sure. He is known for his history of Candian bass fishing tournaments but also the ever popular Real Fishing Television Show. Bob and his talented son Darren have been very helpful on perfecting my techniques and showing me a lot of what I know today. Not only is Bob a talented angler, but he is full of personality and a joy to fish with on the water. I was also very fortunate to be paired with Bob for day one of the Canadian Kingston Open.

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The future is so bright for this young woman. Looking forward to following to her success. You can as well through her social media.