Connecticut Bass Anglers

Get to Know Fisherman Brian Dailey from Connecticut

Connecticut is such a great to place to fish out of. Whether fishing in-State waters or exploring the rest of New England, Connecticut is a great fishing base for anglers. Brian Dailey is a Connecticut fisherman who loves chasing down fish with his fly rod. Took some time to get to know Brian and his fishing. We also asked him how he pairs his drink choices with certain days on the water. Here is what we learned…

When did you first start fly fishing? How did you get started with it?

I started fly fishing as a child, probably when I was 12 or so. A long time childhood friend got me interested in fly fishing, we still fish together today.

Why do you fly fish primarily over other conventional forms of fishing?

First off I find fly fishing to be more rewarding, challenging and exciting for all species of fish across the board. Whether it’s presenting a dry fly to a wary brown trout on the Farmington or stripping big streamers for Stripers off of Fishers Island. There’s nothing else like it!

What is your greatest strength as a fly angler? 

My greatest strength is versatility. Being able to adapt to water conditions, weather conditions and feeding habits of the targeted species. Always using different techniques and presentations is key. It also helps to have the proper gear, rods, reels, line and flies.

What is one area that you are still trying to develop? 

Identifying the different species/hatches of flies. You can spend a lifetime learning the different hatches and species of flies for a particular region or watershed.

What was your best day on the water so far in 2016?

Tough question, I’ve had plenty of epic days this past year! If I had to pick one day it would have to be introducing a friend to the fly fishing world. Experiencing the excitement of landing his first trout on the dry fly is what it’s all about. It is an addiction no question about it!

What are your favorite waters to fish? 

All of them! But seriously, spring trout in New England rivers is hard to beat. Summertime stripers and blues off Niantic is non stop! Fall run Albies from Rhode Island coast to Long Island is intense!  Winter Steelhead in western New York is epic!

Who are your favorite fishing partners? 

I fish with a range of experienced fisherman to novice. All of them I consider good friends. I’ve learned so much over the years from them which makes me a better fisherman. Passing down the knowledge from generation to generation is important. Guys like my good friend Dave, Stan And Paul. All whom have been fly fishing for in excess of 30 years have given me so much insight on the sport, it’s priceless to me. Also my good friend Brian C. Both of us are from the same town, we grew up together fishing many local streams and ponds. He is an amazing fly tier and has taught me everything I know about the art.

Finally, it looks like you are jut like me and enjoy a good beer. So I would like you to pair a beer for the end of your fishing day after each of these conditions:

Great day trout fishing: Which beer?
Great day on saltwater fishng where the albacore and stripers have been schooling all day: Which beer?
Just caught your personal best smallmouth bass: Which beer?
You get shut out the entire day and on the last cast hook into the fish of a lifetime but it snaps you off before landing it: Is that Bud Light time?

Trout = A good DIPA like Lawsons Sip Of Sunshine.
Albies/Strippers = Anything TreeHouse Brewing Co.
Smallmouth = Founders Breakfast Stout
Losing the fish of a lifetime = Whiskey

I love the advice on the drink pairing. Thank you Brian for the interview and letting us know about your fishing. I will be following for your 2017 success on Instagram.